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The Barracks Under Fire Story

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The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

I'm reposting my original story in the new forums so there will be a copy in both places. Also, since I can actually back up this forum, I know it'll be safe on my server. Here are some handy links:

Comments page on the new forums: Click Here
Story on the original forums: Click Here
Comments page on the old forums: Click Here

NOTE: I've locked this thread because I want people to be able to be able to read the story from beginning to end without sifting through comments. You can find the link to the comments thread above.

Note: If you are not familiar with Counter-Strike (which, as you will see, will become an integral part of the story), there are a few sites that you can refer to in order to understand the areas and plotlines better.

CS Weapons
This is an excellent list of all of the weapons you will see in this story. All the weapons and maps are accurate to Counter-Strike and will be easy to follow if you follow this list.

CS Maps
This link is a site that produces two-dimensional versions of traditional Counter-Strike maps. If you don’t know of CS or are unfamiliar with a particular map (or if you just want a reference), find the map on the menu on the left-hand side. While it may not be the best way to see the world of Counter-Strike, it will help when reading the story.

I’d suggest book marking these two sites so that way you will have references handy. Other than that, if anything is tough to understand, feel free to say something or PM me.

Prologue - Enter the Pain
Originally posted July 21st, 2007

Commander Coop83 had always been a loner when it came to patrolling the Portal. As usual, he was doing his patrol on his own, carrying his trusty blam rifle with his officer-grade sniper scope. Some could consider him a renegade that is detrimental to the Barracks in that he often keeps his distance, but that was far from the truth. He was in fact a Commander of the Elite Guard and a long-standing member of the Barracks. It didn't hurt that he knew his Barracks Officers well and that he was well trusted by them. Newer recruits looked upon him as a dark, cornered soldier that they couldn't trust. As they cut their teeth in the Elite Guard and came to know the Barracks better, they came to respect him and knew him better. Because of this, he was usually left alone to work on his own and keep to himself.

He enjoyed being alone. It allowed him to be centered as he fought against the tyranny that was on the Portal as of late. Ever since Newgrounds was renovated, all of the old citizens came out of the woodwork and flooded the place. Keeping alone was hard for Coop83, as it seemed everywhere on Newgrounds there were citizens keeping themselves busy doing whatever it is they did during their daily lives.

The Portal was worse. Everyone was anxious to try to get recognized on Newgrounds. There were also those trying to do harm. Needless to say, the Barracks was busy on the streets trying to keep things in order. Despite how large the Newgrounds Police Department had become, they were struggling night and day to keep a semblance of order. Coop83 was out on the Portal much longer than he should have been trying to keep the Portal safe for those just trying to get their hard work through. He hadn't seen his fellow Barracks members around, which was unusual even for him, as he would usually encounter at least one or two as he patrolled the streets. After finding a dark alley to set up in, he took a long drag on his cigar and set up his sniping post. It was time for him to do some justice.

That's when everything went black.


When he came to, it was hard to see. The bump on his head throbbed as if his brain was trying to escape through his skull. He shook his head and tried to see clearly. All he could see were bright lights overhead and what looked like a lot of metal tools. He was confused. Through his blurred vision he saw two men in the next room. As he tried to sit up, he caught a quick glimpse of them rushing towards him. It was no use to fight. Within seconds, he was knocked out again.


Coop83 came to again, this time in a considerably darker room. Surprisingly his vision was fine, but his head felt as if he was in a drunken stupor. As he sat up, he realized the pain in his head was gone completely. However, across his whole body, he felt as if a horrible sickness came over him. He felt nauseous like no other time he felt before, but he couldn't vomit. Instead, body aches started across his whole body as he tried to move around the small room he was in.

The room itself was small, but looked like a futuristic dormitory. The walls were all blackened steel with rounded edges and stoic decoration. It looked like he was transported to the future, and this was some kind of alien facility. There was nothing in the room, save the cot he was on and a door. The door wasn't going to open no matter what he did. He was trapped.

Thoughts rushed through his mind as he tried to fight the sickness in his body. He felt, for the first time in his tenure in the Barracks, that he stayed out on patrol for too long, and that for some reason, he should have been back with the rest.

Coop83 knew one thing, though. He knew that he had no clue where he was, no clue what happened to him, and no clue what would happen to him. Delirious from the ever-increasing pain throughout his body, he knew he could only do one thing: go back to sleep.

Sleep...it was his last refuge before facing his fate.

End of the Prologue


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 1 - Congregation
Originally posted on July 22nd, 2007

Andrea364 had woken up from her long, restless sleep. She was on patrol trying to keep malicious Portal entrants at bay, when she was viciously attacked from behind. When she came to, she was in a dark room she had never seen before. Her body was protesting in pain whenever she tried to do anything, so she found it easier to just sleep.


The sleep was no more comforting. Thoughts turned to the Newgrounds redesign and all the trouble it caused. Back then, she was in the Elite Guard. As a Corporal, she was respected as a promising recruit and well-liked. The Barracks Officers were quite happy with her, and her career was making her life in Newgrounds satisfying. Then, all of a sudden, the government changed everything. All of Newgrounds changed. They said it was for the better, but she only saw it become worse. Behind the glitz and glamour of the new look of the place, she saw conspiracy all around her. New levels came about, supposedly raising everyone’s status. But did they? Was it all a plot to make people forget about what was happening around them?

That’s when she was demoted. She received a letter one particularly dreary morning that the “new” Elite Guard had higher standards. Forget Corporal…she didn’t even make the cut for Private. She was kicked out of the Elite Guard. In fact, the letter didn’t even have “Elite Guard” written on it at all! It all seemed fishy to her, but she couldn’t figure out what was going on. All she knew at that point was that she was discharged and she had nowhere to go.

Luckily, Supreme Commander EagleRock said that he didn’t agree with all of the discharging and demoting that was happening, and that those that were discharged still had a home. Still, she had to find work, and it wouldn’t be in the Elite Guard. Luckily, she was reinstated to the Newgrounds Police Department as a Captain. She had been discharged as a Captain a while back to join the Elite Guard, and now she was back where she started months ago. While Unit Ops TailsPrower comforted her that she was a gifted officer, she still felt uneasy about the changes made by the higher ups. The only thing she could do was drown herself into her work to make her forget about the Elite Guard. That’s what found her working overtime on the Portal that fateful night.


As she woke up, she felt a world better. Pain had left her body for the most part. The intense pain she had all over her body was now a mere annoyance in the back of her mind. As she got up off the cot, she got a look around the Spartan atmosphere she was entrapped in. Nothing was to be seen but a cot with no pillow and a door with no knob. A look around the room gave her shivers, as she was introduced to what looked like a new world that she was abducted into. She tried frantically to sort the whole thing in her head, to no avail.

Just then, a loud beep came over some loudspeaker in the room and an intercom started speaking in a crackly voice:

“Attention! The doors are now unlocking. We suggest that you congregate in your control room at this time. Rations will be served soon in the mess. You can locate the control room by following the red floor markings and the mess by the green floor markings. That is all.”

As the crackly voice stopped, another loud beep came from the doorway, not unlike the ones you hear before a crash-test car is set to travel to its uneventful death. The large metal door then proceeded to recede into the wall next to it as she saw the hallway outside.

Immediately, she darted over to the side of the door, keeping watch for anything nearby. She instinctively grabbed for her holster to grab her blam pistol, but it was gone. There wasn’t anything she could use as a weapon, either. Even the cot was bolted to the ground.

Fear started to fill her body as she listened intently for anything outside. Down the hallway, she started to hear the echo of boots as they came down the hallway. They sounded rushed, as if they had somewhere to go. Her breathing became hard as the steps approached her door.


“Hello? Anyone there?” The voice sounded familiar to Andrea. She then saw a head peek in. It was Commander Coop83.

“Hey! Am I glad to see you! What the hell is going on here, Commander?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I just came to myself. This is all fucked up. I don’t like this one bit. We need to get the hell out of here.”

“I’m right behind you, sir. Let’s see if we can get some weaponry or something.”

“I doubt it. The flawlessness of these people’s work would lead me to believe we’re not going to find a stock of weapons just hanging around for us to find.”

“Well we need to do SOMETHING. You think it’s wise to head to that control center they’re talking about?”

“I don’t know. Somehow I feel like if we try to escape, they’ll just kill us. We might as well play along for now. Somehow I feel like there’s more of us.”

With that, they quickly followed down the corridor to the command center. The floor was marked with different strips of color heading to different areas. The red lines were heading down the corridor to the right, towards a turn up ahead. Rows of these small “cells” lined the hallway, all emptied out as if some exodus occurred here. Once they hit the end of the corridor, it turned to the left and emptied out into a large control center.

The room was huge. On their left, they saw some plush sofas and chairs in a carpeted area to the side. The rest of the room had tons of computer stations and huge giant monitors showing overhead views of areas unknown. To the left, past the lounge area, was another corridor that lead down an area they couldn’t see. Before confusion could fully set in, it occurred to these two that a whole group of their fellow Barracks members were there, all gathered near the computer stations trying to figure out what was going on.

As they rushed over, they saw Supreme Commander EagleRock there, in the midst of the raucous of Barracks members distraught about the situation. Andrea felt a bit better knowing he was there, but still felt uneasy.


EagleRock was the Chief Barracks Officer of one of the Barracks in Newgrounds. It was the one Andrea used to be enlisted in, and one of the most popular. EagleRock always was a benevolent kind of leader, the kind you would expect to find in some feel-good movie. At times, it seemed a bit too much, though, as if it was all an act. For months at a time, EagleRock would go away from the Barracks and not mention where he was or what he did. During that time, Phantom, EagleRock’s Lieutenant, was running the show.

While EagleRock never did anything for people to suspect, his absences were very strange and always lingered in the back of some people’s minds. Also, his return coincided exactly with the redesign of Newgrounds, as if it was intentional. Either way, with the situation at hand, thoughts turned to the now, and not to suspicion.


“Look,” EagleRock started, “Phantom and I have talked about this, and we’re not sure exactly what’s going on. All we know is that we were drugged or operated on or something for us to all have the same strange sicknesses. Either way, for them to take us all down like they did means that they’re strong, and they probably won’t hesitate to kill.”

“Exactly,” assisted Phantom. “I’m angry and pissed off as much as any of you. But we need to realize that right now we’re unarmed and disoriented. Who knows what they did to us? Right now, we need to cooperate. If we don’t, they might just kill us. You know I’m not going down without a fight, but the time to fight is not now.”

Just then, the loud beep started again and the intercom boomed throughout the large, cavernous control room.

“Attention. Now that you are all congregated in the control room, it’s time for you to learn why you are here.”

Phantom growled to himself and said aloud, “I wish I knew who that fucker was.”

The intercom paused. “Why, my friend, that’s easy. It’s Wade Fulp.”

End of Chapter 1


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 2 - Orientation
Originally posted on July 23rd, 2007

The speaker continued to crackle its message.

“There’s no need for alarm, soldiers. I must apologize for how you all were handled on your way here, but I’m afraid my moderators got a bit…overzealous…in summoning you all.”

Anger was stewing in Phantom that had to be released. “OVERZEALOUS??? You almost fucking killed us!!! What happened to us, and what the hell is going on?”

“You know,” said Supreme Commander SlashFirestorm, “There isn’t exactly a microphone nearby.”

The speaker responded, “Don’t worry. I can hear you fine. I understand that you’re all upset right now, but don’t worry. You will not be harmed. After all, what reason would I have to hurt my own Elite Guard?”

Phantom was livid. “This absolutely makes no FUCKING SENSE!!! YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO FUCKING—“

“STOP!!!” EagleRock’s voice echoed through the hall. “Calm the fuck down. This is not helping.” He directed his attention to the speaker in the corner of the room. “If you really needed to summon us, why the hell didn’t you just ASK us? You really expect me to believe this bullshit?”

“Listen,” said Wade. “I know. I didn’t really want to take a chance, because I know your Barrack has shouldered most of the Portal activity and has been running ragged. That’s why you’re here. You’re going to be part of a celebration of the Newgrounds’ renovation.”

“This makes no sense,” said Supreme Commander Sentio. “How the hell do we even know it’s you? And if we’re not going to be harmed, why not come down here yourself and have a chat?”

“The reason you are down there is simple: you are going to be part of a competition for all of Newgrounds to see. We have left you in this area for you during the competition, so that you are not disturbed. You’ll actually find the amenities down here quite well. The mess produces nice food, and your living quarters are furnished nicely.”

“Oh yeah? You call that board of a cot ‘furnished nicely?’” said Sentio.

“Oh no. That was your recovery station. After the procedure.”

EagleRock paused for a second before he spoke. “Did that have to do with the sickness we all experienced?”

“Yes, of course. You see, you’re going to be in a competition based on the popular game Counter-Strike. We are attempting to get as many new people to join Newgrounds as possible, and what a better way then to have a little competition? The treatment you received was actually a form of adrenaline that will stay in your body and protect you from all pain and harm. This way, you can be an inch from death, and you will still feel great, and will still be able to fight. We can’t, after all, have our best soldiers dying all over the place, now can we?”

“Huh.” EagleRock’s face showed disgust and hatred at the same time. “What happens if we pass that last inch of death, huh?”

“Yes, you will die. Hopefully, however, that won’t happen. I trust you all, though, as you are all handpicked for your skills and abilities. You will be fighting as Counter-Terrorists in replica maps that we have constructed in the area. You’ll get to them using teleportation pods found down the corridor.”

EagleRock pauses. “Okay then…who are we fighting?”

“My moderators will fight you, taking the terrorist side. Look, again, I know why you are angry and upset about this and I’m sorry that it had to start this way.”

“Then,” said EagleRock, “why should we trust you now?”

“Well let me ask you this. Do you see all the computers and monitors all around the area? Those are surveillance stations for all the different maps you’ll be fighting in. They show maps of all the arenas for this competition, as there are cameras all over the place. If I really wanted to just kill you, why would I spend the millions of dollars it took to build these?”

There was a slight pause, but no one responded.

“Listen. I think what’s best right now is for you to get some food and relax. Think it over, as you have a day or two before we start the matches. That way you can feel better about the whole thing. I’m signing off for now.” The monitor then crackled off and the transmission was over.


The room stayed silent, as everyone appeared to be thinking about the situation. “So,” started Slash, “what now?”

Phantom replied, “I don’t believe this bullshit one bit.”

“Neither do I, guys.” EagleRock looked like his head was buzzing a million miles a minute. “But we need to think about something. Why would Wade betray us? He’s never done it before. After all, we’ve done nothing but help out the Portal and his Forum.”

Sentio replied, “Yeah, but how the hell do you know that’s even him?”

“Dude, that had to have been him,” replied EagleRock. “There’s no way I could have mistaken that voice. Either way, I think we need to look around this place more and consider the mess hall.”

Phantom got a bit pissed at that point. “So you’re just going to trust these assholes? Since when have you trusted the mods? I think you just trust way to easily.”

EagleRock was going to respond, but Phantom’s last sentence stopped him in his tracks. He then closed his eyes for a second, then responded, “We are weaponless right now. They can hear us talking. They will kill us if we try to fight right now. What makes you think we should move now?”

Phantom stalled. Supreme Command Major-punk then commented, “I think he’s right. I know I’m not around as much anymore, but I always knew Eagle to make a move at the right time. Why do it now when we’re weaponless? Don’t they need to give us GUNS for their stupid show?”

“Also,” added EagleRock, “We don’t know if this whole adrenaline thing is on the line. Yeah, the pain from when they ambushed us is gone, but how do we know that they didn’t stick something else in us? For all we know, they can press a magic button and blow us all up!”

Sentio then added, “Okay, okay, point taken. But before we just go and eat their food, I think we need to take roll call and figure out who is down here.”

“Great idea, Sentio.” EagleRock then found a pad and started to scribe everyone’s name as they called in. All the bigwigs were there from the Barracks, including the former officers were present. There were also new recruits and a few that were demoted back to the Police Department. Even Dream-of-Duke was there, which got a few groans from the other Barracks members. After closing his eyes, EagleRock then had to say, “OKAY, let’s keep moving.” Soon after, his sheet was full with members.

Phantom inquired, “How many we got?”

EagleRock said, “Twenty-Six. All of them from our Barrack. We have enough skill here to stage a small war. But I personally am starving after all of this. I say we check out the place a bit better and see what kind of food they have.”

They all proceeded down the hallway across from the computer stations. On their left they saw the bunks that Wade was talking about, all of them well furnished. On the right, they saw the teleportation pods. Further down, past the pods, were big storage lockers. As they came near the end of the hallway, they saw showers and locker rooms. As the hallway bent to the left, they came down to the mess hall on their right, with the hallway lined with the recovery pods they all woke up in.

Phantom couldn’t help but ponder what kind of a set up this was. It was obvious something was wrong. While EagleRock was right that Wade never betrayed us, things did not add up. It was a situation he couldn’t stomach well. As his stomach gurgled with hunger, he pondered whether he should stomach something else.

“Well, here’s the mess hall. Wanna take a look and see if it’s poison?” he said.

They then entered the hall. It was brightly lit and had several tables. On the far wall was plenty of hot-steaming food in front of what looked like a closed kitchen.

“How do we find out if it’s safe?” said Sentio. “Should someone try it out?”

“I’ll do it,” said Private DaRk. He then stepped up, grabbed a piece of bread, and took a bite.

After a second or two, he spit it out and started choking.

End of Chapter 2


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 3 – Trials and Trust
Originally posted on July 24th, 2007

Private DaRk was coughing from the bite of bread he took. Everyone shouted in terror and tried to help him. He then spoke, “Oh my GOD! That bread has GARLIC on it!!!”

Everyone stopped. Phantom then slapped him hard in the face and yelled, “You sonofabitch!! What the hell is the matter with you? This is a serious fucking matter. You fucking do that again and I’ll have your neck!”

DaRk felt his cheek and looked up at Phantom, seething. He didn’t respond.


DaRk always seemed to rub against the higher-ups, even when he was in the Police Department. However, he was learning quickly that the Elite Guard was different than the NGPD, in that they didn’t take anything. No one seemed to object to him getting slapped, even EagleRock. He often wondered if this stuff happened in all of the Elite Guard, or just EagleRock’s Barrack. Either way, he was stuck here, like it or not.


“Well,” said Phantom, “he’s not dead yet. Still, I don’t know if I trust this food.”

“This might be true,” said EagleRock, “but let’s face facts. If they want to kill us, they can do it easily, either by food or by some other means. We’re fucking trapped! I say we just eat the food. If they poison us, at least it’ll get it over with.”

Somehow, this made sense, thought Sentio. All of this doubt and fear was starting to unnerve him, but he knew that he had to stay strong. Losing it wasn’t an option, as he was an officer. He thought about this as he slowly ate his food and quelled his hunger.


He was pretty much rushed into his Relation Officer position, due to the lack of EagleRock’s presence and Phantom being run ragged. Phantom had passed on his Relations Officer role to Sentio. Since he joined, he was well respected by the Barracks and was a good role model as a commissioned officer. Then, Phantom started disappearing as well. The exodus of the two top leaders of the Barracks left Sentio as the officer in charge, almost unexpectedly. Here he was, a recent transfer to this Barrack, and how he’s in charge. No room to falter, no room to fail, no room for weakness.


The group finished their meal and deposited their used utensils and dishes in a receptacle next to the food line. Nobody complained of pain from the food, indicating no sign of poison yet. Police Captain TheThing deposited his tray into the receptacle as he followed the rest back to the lounge area.


TheThing was subject to the same pain Andrea364 was during the renovations, his whole life crippled in one shot. He was lucky to have been in EagleRock’s Barrack, as most others that were kicked out had backs turned to them by their fellow soldiers. When he was demoted, he didn’t go easy. Instead, he fought it. All that fighting did was get him jailed by the Newgrounds Moderation Staff and charged with insubordination. Luckily, it was Sentio, his Relations Officer, who spoke on his behalf and got him cleared. He had no choice but to leave quietly. The only reason he got his job back was due to Peregrinus, his NGPD Laison. It hurt him to know how thin of a line he had walked on, and half expected this situation to occur. He just didn’t expect it to happen to anyone else. He couldn’t help but blame himself for all that happened to the Barracks.


The group got themselves down to the lounge and found seating. Before everyone could get comfortable, the intercom beeped again and the speaker crackled.

“Hello, soldiers. Now that you’re fed, I think it’s time for you to get acquainted with the arenas. We want to make sure that you know them well before the fights begin.”

EagleRock stood up from his lounge chair and approached the computers. “Oh? What is this, bringing the fatted calves to slaughter?”

“Absolutely not. Like I said, we’re on the level. I’ve opened up two teleportation pods for you to travel to the most popular map, de_dust. Just to show you we aren’t trying to trick you, I am opening up your weapons cache as well. You’ll be armed to the teeth. There won’t be anyone there. Feel free to investigate.”

EagleRock stared ahead with no expression. Slash approached him and whispered in his ear. “Do you think it’s a good idea? Or is it a trap?”

EagleRock turned and looked at Slash. “Like I said before, we are at their disposal. They could kill us at any second if they chose. I say we take a look. At most, two of us die.”

“Yeah? Only two of us, huh? You’re willing to make that life sacrifice for yourself? You talk about a human life like it’s fodder! WHO ARE YOU TO---“

“I AM going. I have no intention of asking anyone to go in there. If someone wants to follow me, so be it. If I die, so be it. DON’T talk to me like I don’t know the value of a human life.” Slash stared him down, but EagleRock turned away. He headed down towards the corridor to find a weapon. As he walked away, he said, “If anyone else wants to come, I invite you.”

Everyone looked at him for a second, hesitant. Finally, someone spoke.

“I’ll go,” said TheThing. “I’ll come with you. If anyone has to die here, I want it to be me.”

“Thank you,” said EagleRock. “Let’s get down there and see what’s up.” The two then rushed down the corridor, pods on their right. They saw the two that were open, right next to the weapons cache. The cache was a group of lockers, each one assigned to a soldier. They searched for their names among the row and found the two that were theirs. EagleRock opened his and found all of his choice weapons back from when he played Counter-Strike: a Steyr AUG, a Desert Eagle, as well as a knife, grenades, and a Kevlar helmet and armor. TheThing never played Counter-Strike, but the weapons he found in his locker exactly matched his style of blam rifle: a SG-550 sniper rifle, a Desert Eagle, and all the rest. The two grabbed all the guns and ammo they had in their lockers and suited up.

“Okay,” said EagleRock to the rest, “we’re going in now. Try to keep track of us using the computers. If I don’t come back alive, load up with all the weapons you can and be prepared for anything.” Slash stared at EagleRock as he glanced back. EagleRock then turned away, not wanted to deal with Slash being pissed off at him. Slash was pissed, but it wasn’t for the reason that EagleRock thought.


SlashFirestorm was one of the brightest new recruits when he joined the Barracks. He was just a Private First Class, but his skills at blamming and protecting were practically unrivaled. Even EagleRock, the “star” of the Barracks, couldn’t compete with Slash’s speed and determination. He effectively stole EagleRock’s thunder away as the young, determined recruit. At the time, EagleRock was just a Sergeant First Class, just far enough for Slash to develop a rivalry to catch up to him by the time they made Supreme Commander. His career through the ranks took him in a wild goose chase after EagleRock, edging in day by day at his rank. At first it was just a game, but it soon became his life.

Day by day he worked overtime for hours on end to protect the Portal, to get ahead. He was even appointed as Recruitment Officer due to him being a great role model. However, his eyes stayed ahead every single day towards his goal. Slash was then promoted General not long after Eagle, which put him in close reach. That was when he burned out.

After Slash’s nervous breakdown, he left the Barracks while EagleRock went ahead to Supreme Commander. Slash did all he could to recover from his affliction and his sickness. He eventually was able to do so and wanted EagleRock to congratulate him on making Supreme Commander. But, by the time he did, EagleRock was gone.

EagleRock always seemed to be the better soldier, the better leader, the better person. Slash knew EagleRock was right about this, and that he was doing the right thing. He was risking his life the for the Barracks, and for him. It made him think about how seriously he took his rivalry, and ate away at him.


EagleRock and TheThing took their place in front of their respective pods. As they stepped into the chamber, they then disappeared with a huge flash of light.

End of Chapter 3


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 4 – Decisions, Decisions
Originally posted on July 25th, 2007

EagleRock and TheThing passed through the teleportation pod.

Their bodies felt as if they were sucked through a rubber hose, as they were contorted and stretched through reality. When their trip finally ended, they were in two other pods and felt as if nothing happened.

What appeared before them outside the pod was an exact replication of the famous de_dust map. As EagleRock carefully stepped into the desert dust, keeping is AUG at the ready. Keeping vigilant, he set aim across wherever he looked, using his 1.5x zoom as a monocular into the distance towards the center of the area.

With that, he waved TheThing out to join. TheThing had already 2x zoom on his SG-552 while he stared down the long pathway from their spawn point. He cautiously stepped out.

Sure enough, it was de_dust. The CT spawn point was exact, with the bombsite nearby. EagleRock whispered, “Let’s test the radio and see if this works. I recommend we split up and examine the area.”

TheThing used his radio. “Testing…seems fine. I don’t know this area, so lead the way.”

They headed on down to the center area. TheThing slung his sniper rifle on his back, un-holstered his Desert Eagle, locked, and loaded. “You take the left, down under the bridge and I’ll cut right,” EagleRock said. Sure enough, the tunnel, dead center of the map, was right there for EagleRock to enter. This was the famous point in the map where the most deaths occurred. EagleRock stilled his breath as he took aim and crept around the corner. It was empty.

It turned out the entire map was empty, just as Wade said it would be. TheThing and EagleRock traversed the entire map and checked every crevice. They radioed their findings back and forth, and EagleRock determined it was an exact replica. The only thing that was fishy to him was a steel door that was under the bridge, which TheThing couldn’t open. EagleRock dismissed it, but was still concerned. They eventually met up at the Terrorist spawn site.

“Well, it seems about right,” said EagleRock. There’s just one thing. Let’s test out these guns. EagleRock saw a boot lying on the ground. He took aim through his scope and squeezed the trigger. The AUG let out a satisfying shot that propelled straight into the boot. The boot skipped away a few feet until it thumped itself back down into the dust. He then saw a tire that was propped up nearby, and squeezed about a dozen rounds into it. TheThing did the same to a can that was on the ground, nearly pulverizing it with his Desert Eagle. They then tested all their weaponry, from guns to grenades.

“Well, they work. I’ve seen enough of the map to be sure this is really de_dust.” Now was the task of getting back. They approached the pods and found they were already open and ready for transport back to the base. They kept their weapons at the ready, and stepped back into the pods.

Afterwards, they found themselves back in the base, greeted by their fellow Barracks members. Salutations and sighs of relief told them they were fine. Phantom dashed over, exclaiming, “Excellent! I could see and track both of you every second you were out there. These map computers really do work. However, I had no way of communicating.” It was then that the intercom crackled back on and spoke again.

“I hope you found the test satisfying. Surely you can see that the maps are accurate, the guns are real. The only thing we do not allow is for you to communicate from the base to the players in field. That way, there’s no way to cheat and let people know where other players are.”

EagleRock thought that fair, but then said, “What about the moderators? Do they get to commuicate?”

“Of course not. That just wouldn’t be fair. This would be a one-sided bloodbath. Even if I wanted to do that, it’d be bad for publicity.”

Phantom stared ahead. “That’s all well and good, but that’s just one map. What about the others?”

“Well, I’m prepared to let you check all the maps if you want.”

EagleRock nodded. “I do. I’ll have Phantom check them for me on the map while I go in the field and check them out.”

“I’ll come too,” said TheThing. “I feel like I owe it to you all.”

“You owe us nothing,” responded EagleRock. “But if you want to, feel free to come along.”

“Just one thing,” retorted Wade. “You can keep the guns while you check out the maps, but when we’re done, you need to return them to the lockers. We clean your guns and refresh your ammo before every match. Plus, we do not allow guns in the base when a match is not going on. If you don’t put them back, we will have to take them from you ourselves.”

“What is the meaning of this??” Phantom was pissed. “You stuff us down here and say everything is going to be okay, yet you won’t even let us be armed??”

“Look. I’ve done all I can to make you trust me. If you don’t trust me past this point, I understand. But you will have no need for ammo outside of the arenas. Everything will be just fine if you return them to the lockers. If not, we’ll have trouble. I’m sure you’ll know what you need to do.” Wade took a breath. “Now, you can check out the next map, cs_office. Prepare yourselves by the pods.” The speakers crackled as the intercom turned off.

EagleRock looked at Phantom. “I know. Just roll with it for now. We’ll figure out what we should do after I inspect these maps. Just keep watch for me on the screens. The rest of you relax and calm down. I’ll need you rested before we come up with a plan.”

They ensued through the evening and into the night. EagleRock and TheThing teleported from map to map, traversing every crevice and checking all the maps. Phantom then checked the overhead maps and cameras and made sure all was right. As the rest of the Barracks retired to their surprisingly comfortable living quarters, EagleRock, TheThing, and Phantom worked through the night. All that while, as Phantom was checking up on the two, he was in deep thought.


Phantom was part of EagleRock’s Barrack since he started. As he had ties with the Newgrounds Mafia, he was not easily trusted, but EagleRock trusted him. This he was grateful for, as it eventually lead to him becoming the Relations Officer due to his ties with many other groups on Newgrounds. Eventually, he was made EagleRock’s Lieutenant, and second in charge. He loved the Barracks, and was very confident in EagleRock, but always had pangs of doubt in his mind, for EagleRock had one weakness: he was too trusting.

EagleRock was the one that defended Dream-of-Duke as he put the rest of the Barracks in Jeopardy, and resisted kicking him out. Phantom couldn’t understand why. Eventually, it got the point where he had to be discharged, and even EagleRock couldn’t deny this. Still, it bothered Phantom, and wondered if EagleRock was oblivious to dangers in this place. He had to stay diligent, just in case.


After they were done, EagleRock and TheThing retired their weapons as per Wade’s commands and got comfortable. Phantom came over to discuss the next steps.

“So now what?” said Phantom. “I think we should make our move during the first ‘match’ and get the hell out of here.”

EagleRock thought hard for a minute and responded, “I have a different plan: we fight.”

“WHAT?? Are you crazy?”

“No. It’s the best thing we can do. So far, we’ve complied with their requests and have been okay. If we make a move now, we could easily be killed. Meanwhile, if we take part of their little game, we’re doing their wishes. We’ll probably be outnumbered, and we’ll probably be in a stacked match. However, we’re the Elite Guard. We’re the best soldiers there are, and like hell I’m going to step down to a challenge. I’d rather die in a blaze of glory then be killed as a coward trying to escape.” He paused for a second. “If they want their fight...they got it.”

Phantom stared at EagleRock for a long while. “Point taken.” He exhaled slowly. “So be it.”

EagleRock nodded and then they went to get their rest. They’d need it.

End of Chapter 4


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 5 – First Blood
Originally posted on July 27th, 2007

That morning, the Barracks members learned of EagleRock’s decision to fight. While some were apprehensive, the general consensus was in accord with his decision. Some were scared, some were upset, and some were excited. However, all were ready to fight. They were well rested, thanks to the accommodations, and were fell-fed, thanks to the mess. In anticipation of today’s match, they were congregated in the lounge, awaiting orders. EagleRock was past the point of his usual pep talks and was just sitting there.

“Soooo…” said Peregrinus. “Do we know what we do?”

“We wait,” said EagleRock hardly looking up from the ground. Peregrinus stepped back, as he knew not to push the matter. He hadn’t seen EagleRock like this before in his life.


Peregrinus was always big in protecting the Portal, and devoted his life to Newgrounds and the Police Department. Sure enough, his persistence and diligence in the NGPD brought him to the top, making him Unit Ops of the NGPD, in charge of the whole thing. Running it wasn’t easy, either, as he had to be on top of all the officers in his department, and a whole bunch didn’t take the whole thing seriously. Being made into an Elite Guard was a double-edged sword for him, as it meant going to new heights, but also leaving his former home. EagleRock, however, made it possible for him to have both. As the appointed Laison between the NGPD and the Barracks, Peregrinus was able to mentor his replacement, TailsPrower, and help run the NGPD as part of his duties. That’s when the trouble happened.

Mutiny occurred in the Barracks, as a officer named Mutant_Busterjr started his own secret organization that was based on attacking the different groups that were known for attempting to get malicious material through the Portal. This violated the principles that everything, no matter where it’s from, gets fair judgment on Newgrounds. Mutant and his accomplice, PossiblePancakes, while attempting to stage unlawful attacks on these groups, were infiltrated by EagleRock and brought to the NPGD for trial. They would have both been discharged and jailed for their actions, but for EagleRock intervening yet again.

It turned out that PossiblePancakes was cleared of the charges, after EagleRock interrogated him for hours on end. Not only did he confess to the crimes, but he admitted remorse and wished to reform. After that, Mutant was jailed, but PossiblePancakes only received probation. After serving, he went on to serve in the NGPD and eventually joined the Elite Guard. Peregrinus thought about this situation, and how EagleRock seemed to know everything that was going on and everything behind the scenes. He also knew exactly what to do. This was quite in contract to the way he acted today.


Peregrinus decided to probe a bit farther. “Don’t you have a plan?”

“Sure. We wait.” EagleRock’s decision weighed heavily on his shoulders. He knew what they needed to do, and didn’t feel like rehashing it. Luckily, he wouldn’t have to wait long for an update from the intercom. Only this time, it wasn’t addressing the Barracks, it was addressing all the viewers of this upcoming battle.

“Hello, Newgrundlings! Wade Fulp here, welcoming you to the Newgrounds Counter-Strike Battle Royale! Here you get to see two proud organizations, the Elite Guard, and the Newgrounds Moderators, battle it out to see which is the strongest! Today is our first match, taking place on the famous de_dust map, where we will see who will get the upper hand in today’s match. Twenty-six soldiers versus Twenty-six moderators…who will win?” There was a quick pause. “Now, each team will choose one person on each side to fight in a 1 on 1 skirmish.”

EagleRock sprung up. “It’s go time. Time to face the music. If one of us has to go, I think it should be---“

“NO, EagleRock.” Dream-of-Duke stood up. “I need to go. To repay what I did to the Barracks.” This stopped EagleRock dead in his tracks. He was scrambled for a decision, for his mind went rushing with emotion.


EagleRock thought back to when he had problems with Duke. He was a member of the Barracks. Devoted, good at heart, but pompous and notoriously unreliable. He often had the wrong ideas about what was right and wrong, even though he meant to do good. He was the thorn in EagleRock’s side, as he just couldn’t abandon Duke. EagleRock believed that no matter whom you were, that the good in you could come out. Duke was the antithesis to his belief. Sure enough, he was forced to second-guess his convictions and discharge Duke due to his officer’s unanimous decision. Duke didn’t leave quietly, but he left cooperatively. Now, here he was, sticking in EagleRock’s side yet again.


“Duke…no. You can’t do this.”

“Yes I can. I need to. I know I need to repent for all the stuffs I did wrong!”

Slash chimes in, “I say we kill him now and get it over with.”

“I say,” added EagleRock, “that we need to give the boy a chance. He’s been discharged, but somehow, he’s here. I have a feeling he’s here for a reason. Let him go.”

“You’re making a big mistake this time, Eagle. I know Duke’s gonna fuck this up.”

“I made my decision. Suit up, Duke.”

“YES, SIR!! I’ll do the Barracks proud!!! He then ran like a schoolboy to his locker to reveal his MP5 and USP .45 pistol. He then locked and loaded and stepped up to the pod, and stepped inside.”

Duke was rushed into de_dust, where he proceeded to look around. EagleRock rushed to the de_dust computer station and proceeded to train his cameras on Duke. The intercom them boomed with further broadcasting.

“Here are our two contestants, Dream-of-Duke taking the helm for the Barracks, while BigBadRon takes the helm for the Moderators. Gentlemen, at the ready!” Both soldiers stayed themselves in the starting area in great anticipation.


Dream-of-Duke rushed into the center of the map as fast as his legs could carry him. He then stopped short in the center area, contemplating which way to go. He then remembered EagleRock stating the tunnel was the most common place to go, so he jogged on over to the tunnel entrance. He the entered the archway and turned left.

That’s where he found BigBadRon with a Desert Eagle pointed straight at his head at point-blank range. He pulled the trigger. It was over.

The intercom crackled. “Dream-of-Duke was killed by BigBadRon with a Desert Eagle. Terrorists Win.”

EagleRock stood up in shock as he saw Duke drop dead. “GOD DAMMIT!!!!” he yelled, as he threw a rolling chair across the room and punched a computer with all his might. He then sat down, heads in his hands. “FUCKING MORON!!!”

“LOOK,” said Phantom. “I knew that moron shouldn’t have gone in there. But it’s too late now. Don’t beat yourself up over Duke.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over Duke?? HE WAS A FUCKING HUMAN BEING!!!” EagleRock stormed over to an armchair and plopped down. This competition would be harder for him than he anticipated.


The one thing that EagleRock feared the most was losing a soldier. He abhorred the thought of losing one by having them quit, by having them turn bad, or by having to discharge them. Losing them by death was worse. While EagleRock had seen more death than most, he could never take the loss of his own soldiers. Duke was good-natured, but stupid. He knew he should have stopped him from taking this match and should have put in someone more competent. He could hide behind the rationalization that he would have died anyway and possibly have taken someone with him, but that didn’t make it easier. He should have listened to Slash and the rest. He fucked up. Duke was dead because EagleRock just couldn’t say no and couldn’t give up on him. How could he lead a Barrack if he was going to lead them to death?


The speaker crackled back on. “Ladies and Gentlemen, that wraps up today’s match, leaving the score 1-0, Terrorists. Which group will win overall and claim victory to the Battle Royale? Which group will perish and succumb to the other? Find out next time!”

End of Chapter 5


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 6 – Office Space
Originally posted on July 30th, 2007

After a short while, everyone finally calmed down from the first match and Dream-of-Duke’s death. Even EagleRock came to terms with it and said no more about it. They watched his body be carried off into a portal on the Terrorist’s side.

“He was a good man,” said EagleRock. “He was a bit screwy in the way he did things, but at least he was good at heart. At least now we know what to expect out there. Those mods are skilled.”

“Agreed,” said Supreme Commander X-Naut. “We need to come up with a battle plan to take care of this. That’ll be hard, though. We’ll never know what the match is like until it’s announced.”

“Well, at least we have our skills,” said Phantom. “We’ll just take these fuckers down by keeping low, creeping around, and picking them off unsurprised.”

“I think we should stay together,” said Corporal RSQViper. “Strength in numbers, right?”

“True,” said EagleRock, “but it won’t be good for all of us. Snipers need to watch the bases, campers need to hide at crucial points for tactical prowess, and we ultimately need the rest of the team to stick together. Either way, we need to wait until tomorrow to find out our next battle.” As they finished their conversation, they head off to their quarters and let the day expire.


X-Naut was a long-standing member of the Barracks, and was a Supreme Commander before most. He was a likeable person, and someone many could look up to. He saw the Barracks grow as the officers came through the ranks and became great leaders. He felt comfort in the Barracks, as he felt it as a refuge against those that were corrupt in Newgrounds, even the Elite Guard. He knew that the battle that was coming forth would have horrible casualties for the Barracks. He knew that those that were in this didn’t deserve what was going on, and all he wanted to do was to make sure they survived.


The next morning the announcement of the new event began.

“Hello again, Newgrundlings! Wade Fulp here, bringing you the second match of our Newgrounds Battle Royale! Today, we have a 4 on 4 match of Elite Guards vs. Moderators featured in a favorite hostage rescue map, cs_office!”

EagleRock immediately started. “Okay! If we have 4 people to fight with, we’re going to need to stick together. I want people who are going to fight fast and good in close quarters!” Immediately, SilentSoldier and HeavenDuff raised their hands. “Okay, great. I also want someone who will snipe.”

“I’ll go,” said RSQViper. “I tend to snipe, so I’m sure they’ll give me some kind of sniper rifle in my locker.”

“Great. Let’s get a move on!”


RSQViper wasn’t sure what he’d have in his locker, but he sure hoped it was something strong. He was a good soldier, but was scared on his own. His skills, however, made him out to be a great sniper. That often caught up to him, as he would get the jobs that required him to be alone. He instead tried his best to stay with the team and snipe. Scared of his firepower, though, he usually will stay back so he can see all of his teammates. One thing he is scared of the most is hitting a teammate. While he has never done so while in the Barracks, he can’t help but worry.


The four soldiers went to their lockers and retrieved their weapons. EagleRock got his AUG and his Deagle, while SilentSoldier found a large M249 PARA machine gun, accompanied with a Glock .18 Select Fire. HeavenDuff found a Colt M4A1 Carbine and a Deagle, while RSQViper found the heavy Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle, as well as a Deagle of his own. He sighed in relief at the sight of this and suited up with the rest.

The four entered the map via the four open pods and found themselves in the garage of cs_office. EagleRock then ordered the three soldiers to stay with him and to stay close. They took to facing the back, as EagleRock had planned to go up the back stairs into the office.

Wade then announced “Commence!” and they took off. EagleRock lead the three next to the back stairs. He then pressed the button to activate the large steel garage door. The door went up, opening up their view of the office above.

As the crept out, immediately, they saw Tremour and JoS waiting for them. JoS took a steady shot with his SG-552 and hit EagleRock in the arm. EagleRock fell back behind the doorway, but then realized he had no pain whatsoever in his arm. He glanced left and saw Tremour take aim with his Mac10. Eagle then quickly dodged left and caught cover behind the wall.

“Watch behind you!” he screamed out. RSQViper then pulled back and ducked down and zoomed in his scope. He then strafed left, took aim, and shot at Tremour. The shot was accurate and hit him in the chest. His Kevlar armor was no use against the AWP’s power. Tremour slumped over, lifeless.

JoS, covering fire from SilentSoldier and HeavenDuff, realized Tremour was down, and retreated back. EagleRock and the rest then grouped back together and proceeded up the stairs. As they reached the top, there was no sign of anyone. “Head left and then down the long hallway,” said Eagle. He wanted to take the back route, as he knew the front route would be heavily guarded.

They slowly crept up the lnog hallway towards the back of the office. Just then, JoS ducked back out and spread fire down the hallway, hitting both HeavenDuff and SilentSoldier. SilentSoldier, returning the favor, sprayed his Para down the hallway, hitting JoS several times, downing him in the process.

They then started to creep down the hallway to the corner taking them to the hostage room, being careful for anyone crouching for attack. Little did they know that JohnnyUtah had trained his AK47 on them from behind, headshotting HeavenDuff. Before he could attack another, EagleRock started to return fire, and hit him in the chest. He then ran back to cover the hostages, as he knew he had been hit badly.

“Shit! This is fucking crazy!” said EagleRock. “Let’s retreat back and reload.” They then ran back to the middle area of the office and reloaded their weapons one by one. They then continued back down the long hallway, keeping watch on both sides. As they rounded the corner, no one was in the back hallway. They slowly approached the hallway and were ready to strike, waiting for EagleRock’s call.

“Go.” They started to rush in, but were hit by a flashbang. Blinded, they stumbled back and heard returning fire from two other mods. Luckily they were able to back up into the back hallway without getting hit. As their eyes returned sight, They saw mightypotato with an MP5 and JohnnyUtah returning fire. “RETREAT!!!” They ran back down the back hallway, as they knew that the two mods had the drop on them. EagleRock grabbed a frag grenade and tossed it down the hallway, but it didn’t enter the back office. It went off with a thundering boom that rocked the walls of the whole place.

“This isn’t going so well. We need to act fast. Run around to the other side, now! I’ll cover fire here.” SilentSoldier and RSQViper then rushed down the long hallway and cut left to rush the terrorists from the opposite side. EagleRock kept tossing flashbangs to distract them. As the two soldiers approached the area, they found it empty.

RSQ felt a shock of terror. “Dammit! They retreated!”

“They must have went into the projector room,” whispered Eagle. “Grab these two hostages and bring them to the base. Silent and I will rush the projector room.” They then dashed in to not only find the moderators not there, but the two hostages in that room killed.

“DAMMIT!” EagleRock was getting pissed. “Okay, now they’re covering the escape point. We need to approach carefully. RSQ, meet us up by the center hallway.”

RSQ acknowledged in his radio as they reloaded and prepared to move with the two hostages. They had taken a long time on the map to get this far. Then, they heard the intercom boom again.

“Time is up. The hostages were not rescued in time. Terrorists win!”

They slumped over, disheartened. They retreated to their spawn to get to their pods, but not after they caught a glimpse of the moderators passing by them, grinning.

End of Chapter 6


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 7 - Intimidation
Originally posted on July 30th, 2007

After the skirmish in cs_office, EagleRock, RSQViper, and SilentSoldier returned to their base, saddened and upset not only by the loss of the match, but the loss of HeavenDuff. EagleRock thought of the last works he spoke with him the night before they fought.


“I don’t deserve to be here, do I?” inquired HeavenDuff.

“Of course you do,” said EagleRock. Many people got demoted. That doesn’t meant that you’re not a good soldier.”

“Yeah, but what the hell? A Police Lieutenant? What the hell did I do that was so bad?”

“Look, I don’t know. All I know is that someone is screwing around in the upper ranks of this army, and I need to get to the bottom of it. Even I have my hands tied when it comes to reversing these decisions, and I’m a fucking Supreme Commander!”

“Well, all I know is that I’m glad I’m still here, and you know you can count on me.”


Those words in EagleRock’s memory resonated through his head and made him remember his death not 5 minutes ago. He knew this wasn’t a stupid game. It wasn’t some kind of publicity stunt. It was a fucking vendetta. The only natural response was to have one of his own.

“Look,” he said later that night. “I know that you’re all upset about what’s going on, but I still believe we can do this. Tomorrow we have yet another match against some group of moderators, and we need to deal with it.”

“What about Plan B?” Phantom was dubious about EagleRock’s idea. “Are we just going to let them kill us off one by one in this stupid match? We need to nail these fuckers now!”

“Well, if you can figure out how, I’d love to hear an idea.” Silence. “Look, it’s plain and simple. We’re better than them. There’s no reason we need to lose. I don’t care whether you were demoted to a Police Lieutenant or are a Supreme Commander. Anyone in my Barrack is qualified to be here, and qualified to win.”

“Yeah,” said Slash, “it’s just too bad we’re part of a stacked game.”

“Regardless, we are going to do it. Personally, I don’t care if I live or die. I just want to rub it in Wade’s face and prove to him that he fucked with the wrong group.”

“Well then,” said Major-punk, “that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m in.”


Major-punk was an early Barracks recruit, one that shouldered the burden of Barracks records. It was a thankless job, and took long hours to keep balanced. People expected him to have all the answers all the time, and it was annoying when people expected him to have updated records at everyone’s fingertips. Luckily, there were those in the Barracks that realized that it took skill and devotion to pull it off. Such bookwork fell in line with how he fought: with skill and technology. He’d be the first one to update the roster, and the first one to shove a grenade up your ass. After all, he was a quiet killer, and didn’t take shit from anyone.


The third match came quicker than the night seemed to pass. They barely showered and ate before Wade continued his broadcast to the world of Newgrounds.

“Heeeeelllllllllo, Newgrundlings! Wade here, your friendly neighborhood admin, bringing you Newgrounds’ latest Battle Royale match! Today, you feature your boys in blue against my moderators, fighting 6 vs. 6 in de_dust2!”

“Perfect,” said EagleRock. A six-man team will allow us to have all the skills we need for such a big map. I need at least 2 people that can rush the other team, a sniper, and a grenadier.”

“Look,” said Major-punk. “I know you want to go in there, but let’s face it – you’re tired. Besides…no one’s going out there without being prepared to die.”

“I’m going too,” said Phantom. “My trigger finger has an itch that can’t be quelled.”

Supreme Commander pepeatumi and Sergeant First Class DarkSoldier also volunteered. “Great,” said EagleRock. “Looks like a killer team so far. We only need two more.”

“I can snipe,” said Supreme Commander ADT. “I know that I’m going to have a sniper rifle. It’s just a question of which one.”

“Okay, great. Anyone else want to go, or do you want me to go?”
X-Naut stood up. “Let me go. I want a shot at these bastards, too. They’ll regret crossing paths with me.”

“Great. This is a team that will be hard to beat. I wish you all the best of luck, and Godspeed. I’ll watch from above to check out their techniques and get a feel of what these bastards can do.”

The soldiers squared up to their lockers and retrieved their weapons. Phantom came out with a Steyr TMP and a Desert Eagle, Major-punk with a Colt M4A1 and a Deagle, pepeatumi with a FAMAS and a Glock, DarkSoldier with a Para and a Deagle, X-Naut with an AUG and a P228, and ADT with a Scout and a USP.

“Damn dude,” said ADT to Phantom. “Isn’t that a bit weak for a primary weapon?”

“This is coming from the guy with a Steyr Scout with 7mm slugs.”

“All it takes is one in the head, buddy.”

They then stood up to the 6 pods that were opened up and prepared to enter. “Remember what I said,” spoke EagleRock. “The center hallway is no-man’s land. You need to snipe the snipers and tread carefully. Have most of your team flank to the left or right to front the terrorists as you hold them back behind the doors in the middle.” Without speaking, and with bated breath, the 6 soldiers passed through the pods.

They found themselves under the bridge in de_dust2, engrossed in the world of counter-strike. They saw a large double-door up the hill to the right, which ended up being one place where the terrorists would try to bomb. To the left, around the bend to the left, they would find the second bombsite. This map made counter-terrorists vulnerable, as they were required to defend these key points from many angles.

“So,” said Major-punk to Phantom, “you feel close to home?”

Phantom immediately pointed his Desert Eagle at Major-punk’s head. “You joke again, I kill.” He wasn’t in the mood for jokes. He was in the mood for battle.

Just then, Wade nonchalantly exclaimed “Commence!” and it was starting.

Major-punk and ADT decided to block the center double-doors by grenade and by sniper rifle, while the other four ran up the hill to defend bombsite B. Major-punk hid behind the right door so he could easily lob grenades through the creak of the left-side door. ADT took up a sniper stance with his Scout and zoomed in.

No sooner than he took aim, he saw Ozcar take aim with a sniper rifle of his own. Before Ozcar realized, ADT squeezed off a round and headshotted Ozcar, taking him down in one fell swoop. “Damn straight, fucker,” muttered ADT under his breath. He reloaded his bolt-action sniper and took aim again to see who was there. He didn’t see anyone.

“Fire in the hole!” yelled Major-punk, to which ADT ducked to the left. Major-punk cleverly bank-shot a flashbang against the high wall that lead to bombsite A. The flashbang neatly detonated in the middle of the center pathway, blinding anyone that was there. It was time for them to move.

Meanwhile, Phantom hung back from the other three as he stealthily hid behind a box at the bombsite. With his silenced TMP, no one would stand a chance.

DarkSoldier ran as fast as he could towards the back of the area through the tunnels that connected bombsite B to the terrorist spawn site. X-Naut and pepeatumi gave chase as he unrelentingly paced ahead of them. His Para weighed him down a bit, but he still ran pretty fast, trigger-finger posed as he expected to see someone pop out at any moment. Sure enough, towards the back, he saw poxpower and Stamper blinded by a flashbang. He proceeded to spray his Para at them, and hit poxpower, but didn’t down him. As their eyes returned to them, they returned fire. DarkSoldier ducked behind a wall to the left and was pinned by their fire.

X-Naut, who was unfortunate to be in the line of fire, got hit twice by poxpower’s UMP. He fell back and took cover behind the sloping ramp that he had just come up. This left pepeatumi alone in the line of sight. While he squeezed some rounds from his FAMAS towards the two moderators, he took a round to the chest from Stamper’s AWP.

Just then, Wade’s booming voice resonated through the map, “Bomb has been planted!”

End of Chapter 7


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 8 – Time Games and Mind Games
Originally posted on July 31st, 2007

Phantom heard the words boasted from Wade’s mouth, and immediately sprung to action. He took up from his camp in bombsite B and ran down the ramp back to the CT spawn site. He couldn’t see anyone nearby, and called in to the radio. “Get your asses to bombsite A! They’re going to blow up the whole place!”

“On our way. Roger.” Major-punk and ADT were at the top of the center-hallway ramp and were able to take the route directly to bombsite A that bridged over the CT spawn site. They rushed that way immediately. Major-punk set up to toss another flashbang towards the area.

Phantom had come up in the open at bombsite A, treading carefully as he heard the bomb ticking above. Crouched and silent, he quickly turned the corner and saw jonthompson poised and ready with an AK47. He skillfully aimed his light TMP towards his head and squeezed of a quick 10 rounds into his skull. While it was a stealth kill, seeing a fellow moderator fall would surely attract attention.

That’s when Major-punk’s flashbang hit the area. Phantom was blinded as his fellow soldiers rushed in the area. He stumbled back and heard muffled gunfire in the area as soldiers died and he could do nothing but wait. By the time he recovered and could see again, he rushed up the ramp and checked out the bombsite.

It was empty, save for Major-punk’s and ADT’s dead bodies. Denvish, Canas, and Proteas reveled in their ability to hide from Major-punk’s flashbang, and rushed to the center of the map where they communicated with Stamper and jonthompson, who had the other Elite Guards pinned.

Stamper kept shooting his AWP towards them as he backed away and attempted to go back to bombsite A. Meanwhile, poxpower was hammering away with his UMP, and kept them at bay despite his slow firing rate. DarkSoldier and X-Naut were still held back. X-Naut knew he was injured, despite not feeling any pain. He knew that any move would kill him.

All of a sudden, Denvish, Canas, and Proteas had joined their fellow moderators and started to rush. Canas tossed a flashbang into the area, blinding both X-Naut and DarkSoldier. DarkSoldier, in a panic, started spraying his Para left and right, hoping he would hit someone.

That’s when Wade boomed, “Bomb has been defused. Counter-Terrorists win!” The siren sounded and all gunfire ceased. As their eyesight returned, they saw the four moderators retreat to the pods that were lined up on the back wall of the map. Canas gave X-Naut a dirty look as he stepped into his pod and warped back to his base.

EagleRock sighed. “That was a close one.”

“Thank God Phantom was there,” said Slash. “I always knew he was a shrewd bastard.”

“Well, I think we can thank Major-punk and ADT for the distraction. If it wasn’t for them, I think Phantom would have been outnumbered.”

“This is getting rough,” said Sentio. “These matches are bloody. These mods just won’t give up.”

Just then, Phantom, X-Naut, and DarkSoldier returned from their pods and stowed their weapons in their lockers.

“Good thing those bastards are stupid,” said Phantom. “We lost three, though. Three good ones.”

Just then, Wade crackled back on the intercom: “Well, that’s all for today, boys and gals! The Barracks is now 1-2 against your Newgrounds Moderators! Tune in tomorrow for the next great battle! Toodle-oo!”

EagleRock had a raised eyebrow. “Toodle-oo? Like it’s a fucking joke.”

“Yeah, well, at least we got a win,” said X-Naut. “I know that if we don’t win this, we’re done for. These mods aren’t up for a friendly competition. They want to kill us.”

“I think we really need to figure out what the fuck is going on,” said Slash. “There’s no reason some of those mods would be attacking us, like Denvish and JoS. I mean, JoS always saved our asses! Why did he attack us?”

“I don’t know,” said EagleRock, “but this is something we need to find out. We’re losing soldiers left and right, and we need to know what our plan is to get the hell out of here.” Everyone nodded and agreed. Not all were completely trusting, especially PenguinLink.


PenguinLink was another one of those “up and coming” soldiers in the Barracks, as he was extremely enthusiastic. His attitude towards the Barracks was infectious, and it landed him the Recruitment Officer role. He soared up the ranks quickly as he demonstrated responsibility, skill, and performance in his officer position. As a Lieutenant General, he commanded the respect of most. After a while, though, even though he was very respected, he fell out of interest in his position. He left for long periods of time and was eventually stripped of his title. He didn’t seem to care, though. He didn’t really come around to the Barracks until he was dragged down here.

One thing he always counted on in the Barracks, though, was EagleRock’s ability to do the right thing at all times. Down here, though, it is as though he’s changed. Decisions were made that cost lives. Dream-of-Duke’s death still resonated through is mind, as EagleRock was so willing to trust someone who was obviously untrustworthy. At times, he thought that maybe EagleRock was trying to betray them, but then again, that was a stretch. He almost wished he never was brought back to the Barracks, as too much had changed.


“So EagleRock sir,” said PenguinLink, “what’s the big plan?”

“Simple. First thing we need to do is figure out how to treat our wounded. We have no medical supplies here. I still have this wound here…” EagleRock stopped immediately. As he looked down at the wound he had just yesterday in his arm, it was gone. “Holy shit…I guess they weren’t kidding!”

“You want to trust it?” Phantom was unimpressed. “Also, what about X-Naut’s wounds?”

“Well, I think they’ll heal overnight. Mine appear to have.”

“Wait just a damn minute,” said Slash. “You didn’t notice your wounds missing this morning?”

“No, I didn’t. Remember that they don’t hurt at all. It was easy to forget until I brought it up.” Slash gave EagleRock a stare. EagleRock ignored it. “Anyway, what we need to do is keep at these battles. The key is to stick together, use the shadows to our advantage, and show them we are worth our salt as Elite Guards.”

“So, we just keep dying?” Slash was still dubious.

“Hell no. We wait until our only lead takes us forth: that door in de_dust. Like I said, it’s very out of place compared to the rest of these mock-up maps. It has to be a pathway to something.”

“Well then comrade,” replied Phantom, “what’s your big plan?”

“Simple. We wait for another de_dust battle. One of us goes out there and feigns death. Then, when the map is over and they’re dragging the dead bodies out, they hide. Then they have all the weapons they need to try to get in that door.”

“Here’s a dumb question,” said Phantom, “Why didn’t you want to move on this door that night when we inspected the map?”

“Well, shit. Both you and I decided to wait because it was the prudent thing to do. At least now we know what to expect and what to do. A frag grenade should take out the door pretty easily, right?”

“I guess,” said Phantom, “but it’s still fishy.”

“God damn, Phantom, this whole fucking thing is fishy! I know that my Barrack has its enemies, but seriously…Wade? All those mods? What did we do to deserve this?”

“You tell me,” said Slash.

EagleRock stared at him angrily. “You mistrust me? You think I would betray you? What the fuck is going on here? Since when was I the one that you couldn’t trust? Now you listen up. Tomorrow I’m fighting these fuckers come hell or high water. If you don’t trust me and I have to fight them alone, so be it. I didn’t bust my ass all this time in the Barracks just to have my motives questioned. I’m going to bed. Feel free to talk behind my back all you like.” He then stood up, walked away, and slammed the door to his quarter.

Peregrinus looked up at the rest. “I think we pissed him off.”

Phantom looked back. “No SHIT, Sherlock.” He then took a long sigh. “He makes sense, though. I think we need to go through with his plan.”

Slash stares back at Phantom. “Fine, then. What the great EagleRock says must be right.”

End of Chapter 8


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 9 – EagleRock’s Battle
Originally posted on August 1st, 2007

The next morning, EagleRock woke up to a lot of quiet soldiers. It was obvious that he was not in the good graces of everyone. The near-mutiny he had on his hands ate away at him, but didn’t unsteady his resolve. The near-silent morning caused Wade’s clockwork announcement to come sooner than expected.

“Good morning, Newgrundlings! Today is a little change-up in the usual matches, as we will feature a 2 vs. 2 match set in the large de_aztec map!”

“Well, fuck,” said EagleRock. “That’s a suicide match-up right there. Aztec is a map that’s hard enough to defend from bombing when you have 8 soldiers, never mind 2.” He walked over to his locker, got armed, and walked to his pod. “So, if anyone cares to join me, now’s the time.”

At first no one responded. Just as EagleRock was going to step into his pod, SlashFirestorm ran over and said, “I’ll go, too. There’s no need for you to go out there to die alone.” Slash went to his locker and retrieved a Steyr TMP and a Deagle.

EagleRock looked at him and said, “Thanks a lot. Just so you know, I’m going to need someone to camp out at bombsite A for me. You willing to do it?”

“Well, it’s not really my style, but I’ll do it. After all, you’re the one that knows these maps.”

“Playing this 2 on 2 will be simple. They will likely target bombsite B, but rushing the front to bombsite A will either protect you from an A rush, or it will allow you to come up to them from behind. If you hear that the bomb has been planted, I need for you to run down the hallway, hit a left, and shoot out the bombers at bombsite B.”

“Got it.” They stepped through the pods as the rest of the Barracks congregated over to the de_aztec computer system to watch over Eagle and Slash. Phantom sat down at the main terminal which was overshadowed by the huge screen that gave the main overhead map view.

“I’ve been studying EagleRock’s plans,” said Phantom. “Based on the analysis that I was able to come up with, it appears that these moderators are always a step ahead of us. While he and I couldn’t be sure as to why this was, we need to be careful.”

“Is that why we’re getting our asses kicked left and right?” said DaRK. “I mean, I know that we won last match, but I’m still a bit shaky about how EagleRock is having us play. It’s as if we’re outclassed every time.”

“I know. Again, I have a feeling that they can preempt our plans and know what we’re going to do before we can do it.”

“Hey,” said PenguinLink. “Do you…trust EagleRock?”

Phantom sat back in his chair. “We have to. I mean, do you really think he would’ve sold us out? He was the main opponent of the Elite Guard redesign since day one. I don’t think he would up and change his mind on something he had so much conviction on.”

“I don’t know,” said PenguinLink. “It just seems like things that he’s always been so dead-on about in the past seem to have been haphazard. Like the thing with Dream-of-Duke.”

“One thing I can say about him is that he was always way too trusting of people. DoD was good-natured, as EagleRock always said he was, but he was a flop nonetheless. And let’s face it…if we were stuck with DoD for one more night, we might have killed him ourselves.”

“Maybe EagleRock knew what he was doing more than we give him credit for,” thought Andrea364.

“Look,” said SilentSoldier. I’ve fought beside him in that second match we had. I know we lost, but those moderators were fast. Really fast. They circled around us and made it practically impossible to get where we needed to go. The only reason we lost is because of that stupid 5-minute match rule!”

“True, Private,” said Phantom. “Considering practically none of us have played CS before, I think that we have to give credit in that none of us could have come up with a better plan. At least now we all know better and we can work together with these strategies.” Now hush up everyone, this match is about to start. Everyone paid attention to the large screen, especially SilentSoldier.


SilentSoldier was a Corporal in the Elite Guard before he got knocked back down to Private after the redesign. He felt quite slighted by this move, but didn’t blame EagleRock. He knew that EagleRock would work to give people promotions back to their old ranks as soon as he could justify the promotion. He was a quiet soldier who always moved fast when it came to Portal duty, and he didn’t slack at all in this world of Counter-Strike.

The battle he was in was quite nerve-racking, as the moderators are definitely stronger than your average, cookie-cutter Newgrounds Portal violator. He couldn’t blame EagleRock for the early losses, as noone expected the might that these moderators had on the battlefield. He also noticed that nobody that actually fought out there was complaining about how these matches were lead. He couldn’t help but feel that those of little faith were talking about something they had no clue about.


Down at the map, Eagle and Slash waited for Wade to start the match. Eagle pointed out the camping spot that was Slash needed to cover, which was in sight from the CT spawn. Then, Wade yelled “Commence!” and it was started.

EagleRock ran fast up the stairs past bombsite A where he ran into the tunnel that lead to the rope bridge up ahead. Slash grudgingly stayed behind where he crouched down behind a large box that allowed him to have the jump on any approaching moderators. It bothered him that he wasn’t in his element, as he felt like he should be running to bombsite B and heading them off, rather than waiting for Eagle to make the move up by the bridge. He was antsy and upset.

EagleRock ran up to the entrance to the bridge and zoomed in his rifle as he crouched down off to one side. He didn’t see anyone. They must have went to bombsite B. Just as he was going to radio Slash to charge bombsite B, Stamper ducked out from behind a box and fired his AWP at Eagle. Eagle was hit in the arm and fell back behind the wall. “FUCK!” he said, as he zoomed out his scope to his AUG. His arm was bleeding very badly, and he knew one more hit would kill him. He then proceeded to jump out from behind the wall and started shooting at Stamper as he landed into a crouch. He managed to squeeze in a few more shots before Stamper was able to shoot his AWP.

Slash heard the shots nearby, and heard it end with a loud AWP shot. He radioed to Eagle, but got no response. He then rushed out from behind the box and went to check up on bombsite B. Sure enough, he saw Maus there with the bomb, running over to the area. He ducked behind the wall to the right and fired off a few discreet shots to check her from her rush to plant the bomb. Maus shot back with her Ingram MAC10 and emptied a full 30-round clip at Slash within seconds. As Slash ducked back behind the wall, he noticed he wasn’t hit. He then paused and came out again to shoot at Maus. She was ready for him with her Desert Eagle drawn and aimed. Two good shots hit him in the arm and chest, which slowed him down considerably. He ran as fast as he could towards the boxes ahead which would give him cover.

His hastiness made him forget that we all had pistols at our sides, and took the inaccuracy of the MAC10 for granted. He knew the TMP was not good at medium to long range fire, and that it wouldn’t be easy to get from the bridge over to the bombsite. He only had the option to jump in the water and come up the ramp, run to the end of the bridge and approach from the left, or to fire from where he was. He knew he had no time to think, and needed to act now.

He took a deep breath and whipped around the box, poising his Desert Eagle at the spot Maus was before. She was not to be seen. Boxes on the other side were blocking her, as he heard the beeps of the bomb being set to the timer. Slash knew he had no other choice but to shoot through the boxes and hope for the best.

But, before he could squeeze off the first round, the deafening fire of the AWP came from his left, echoing through the area, bouncing off the water below. After that, all you could hear was silence.

End of Chapter 9


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 10 – Kicking It Up a Notch
Originally posted on August 5th, 2007

The sound of the AWP still resonated off of the stone walls of Aztec. SlashFirestorm wasn’t dead. Slash stared ahead at the bombsite as time slowed to a crawl, waiting for the bomb to be activated. He then saw Maus fall backwards from the shot of the AWP. She was shot in the head.

Slash then turned to the left where he heard the AWP sound, where he saw EagleRock step forward, holding Stamper’s AWP, as he walked towards the bombsite. EagleRock turned and looked at Slash. “Not this fucking time,” he said, right before Wade called the ending of the match.

“The terrorists have been defeated. Counter-terrorists win!”

EagleRock walked over to Slash and dropped the AWP. “You all right, Slash?”

“Yeah…I think so. What happened? I heard the AWP fire at the bridge and your gun stop.”

“Well, Stamper didn’t aim it well,” replied Eagle. “It’s kinda hard to hold a heavy sniper rifle steady when you’re being pummeled with bullets.”

“Damn, dude. I thought for sure I was done for.”

“Well, you’re not. We did it this time.” They headed back to the pods and transported back to the base as Wade finished off the day.

“That wraps up our Aztec match, as the Elite Guard has evened up the score, making themselves 2-2 against your moderators. Tune in next time when we see the Battle Royale continue on!”

“It’s about fucking time!” said Phantom with a smile as he slapped Eagle on the back. He stepped aside to allow the rest of the Barracks to greet the two.

Slash was just glad to be alive, but couldn’t help feel like EagleRock stole his thunder. After all, he was the one that loved to dive into the fray, and he was made to stay at the bombsite to cover. He quickly forgot this slighting, though, as the demeanor of his peers made it hard to be upset.

After the shock of the Barracks’ great success, the group finally calmed down, had a good meal in the mess, then got comfortable in the lounge.

“Damn, dude, did you see him hit Maus right in the forehead?” said DarkSoldier with enthusiasm. “What an attack! He just rushed right in there and—“

“ENOUGH,” said Phantom. “I know you’re enthused, and I can’t blame you. But we can’t rest on our laurels and get cocky. These mods aren’t easy targets, and don’t forget that.”

“Right,” said EagleRock. “That was no walk in the park for me out in Aztec…it was close. If I had reacted a split-second less, Stamper would have had me in the head.”

“Okay,” said DarkSoldier, “but we are still strong. We can’t underestimate ourselves, either.”

“Sergeant,” said Sentio, “you’re right about that, but you better heed Eagle’s words. We can’t have another Dream-of-Duke on our hands.”

“Okay, okay,” replied DarkSoldier. “You’re right, sirs.”


DarkSoldier was always raring to go when it came to fighting. At points, it was his downfall. He proceeded through the ranks of the Elite Guard quickly because of his fast nature, and it has landed him a Sergeant First Class role. He had the reputation of having a hot head, but was always thought of as a reliable soldier. People didn’t catch onto it, but being cooped up in the base had made him itching for battle like no other.


“Okay,” said Phantom. “It’s time for some shut-eye, guys.”

“And girls,” said LittleWashu.

“…and girls,” said Phantom. “We’ll probably need our strength for tomorrow. Something tells me they’re pissed about this and they’ll be trying all the harder.”

Come the morning, the Barracks was particularly quiet. While yesterday’s silence was quiet because of the near-mutiny that EagleRock had on his hands, today’s silence was in anticipation for today’s match.

“Hello, good ol’ Newgrundlings! It’s your friendly neighborhood admin, Wade Fulp here, calling the fifth match of our Battle Royale! We are currently tied here, with two matches going to each the Moderators and the Elite Guards. Now, we need to break this tie! We’re going to do that with our biggest match ever, an 8 vs. 8 match in cs_assault!”

EagleRock switched into planning mode almost instantaneously. “Okay, this map will be hard. Assault is hard for counter-terrorists, because the terrorists have hostages entrenched in a big warehouse that’s hard to enter. They’re going to be camping heavily, so we need a team of rushers, no campers. Snipers are necessary to catch the few people that are actually going to attack outside of the warehouse.”

“I’ll go,” said DarkSoldier. “I’m good at rushing, and I’m ready to go.”

“Good,” said EagleRock. “Who else wants to go?”

Several soldiers willing to rush volunteered, including DaRk, harryjarry, PenguinLink, Peregrinus, and SilentSoldier.

“I’ll go, too,” said TheThing. “Sniping is my game, and I can take these bastards.”

“Great,” said EagleRock. “We need just one more sniper and we’re set.”

“Allow me,” said MetalDart. “I’m willing to take the chance, even though it’ll be rough. Count on me.”

“Excellent. That’s all we needed. I’ll feel better knowing there’s a Colonel out there, too.” MetalDart took the Steyr Scout out of his locker and loaded it. One look at it gave him a good idea of what the match would be li/ke.


MetalDart was an influential member of the Barracks. A good amount of that came from his devotion, but ultimately the skills that he had to offer to the plate were his bread and butter. He had become an accomplished sniper and was the king of long-range fire. However, Portal violators weren’t the only things he was good at shooting. He was great with all kinds of weaponry, including the Scout he pulled out of the locker. The Scout, however, was an underpowered sniper rifle compared to others like the AWP and the SG-552.

He knew that with this gun, he absolutely had to rely on his skills.


“Okay,” said EagleRock. “You’re going to need to split into groups for this one. MetalDart, I want you in charge out there. I want you to hold back and snipe from the tower directly to the right of the spawn site. There you can collaborate the attack, as it is imperative you do this exactly.”

“Got it,” said MetalDart. “What’s the plan for the rest?”

“Simple. We are going to have two groups, Alpha and Bravo Squads. Alpha squad needs to give suppressing fire from the main entrance to the let. I want Private DaRk, Private SilentSoldier, and Sergeant First Class DarkSoldier going that way. You guys will need to keep them busy.” They all nodded in acknowledgment. “TheThing, I’ll need you to stay behind those three and snipe as many people as you can from outside the garage door.”

“Aye,” said TheThing. “Count on me.”

“Okay, good. Bravo Squad, you’re Supreme Commander harryjarry, Lieutenant General PenguinLink, and Supreme Commander Peregrinus. You’re going to infiltrate through the door on the second floor on the right hand side. As Alpha Squad gets their attention, you’ll quietly run in and pick them off as fast as possible. You’ll hopefully have a few seconds before they realize you’re there, which should be plenty of time.”

“Sounds good,” said harryjarry. “I think we can take them.”

“Yes you can. Corporal MetalDart, just remember, you need to watch the air duct entrance on the roof of the building, as that area will not be covered by the two squads. Alpha Squad needs to enter a few seconds before Bravo Squad to get the attention properly.”

“Got it. I’m ready.”

“Good, then get your weapons and move out.” They proceeded to the lockers and found their guns. A diversified arsenal was unpacked, including MetalDart’s Scout, DaRk’s Colt M4A1, DarkSoldier’s Para, harryjarry’s FAMAS, and PenguinLink’s P50. They all squared up to all 8 pods, which were all open and ready for them. They started to step through.

Phantom approached EagleRock by the display of cs_assault. “You sure about your plan, Eagle?”

EagleRock let out a long sigh. “No.” Turning towards Phantom, he said, “But it’s the best chance we got.”

Phantom stared at the screen, watching the soldiers collaborate from up above. “This one’s gonna hurt.”

Slash was behind the two of them, listening on. He looked up at the huge display and lightly bit down on his lip.

End of Chapter 10


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 11 – Infiltration
Originally posted on August 6th, 2007

As the whole group collaborated outside of the warehouse of cs_assault, they split up into the two groups as per EagleRock’s plan. Alpha squad moved to the left-hand side of the spawn area, while Bravo squad headed to the right. MetalDart stayed in the middle of the area, as he looked forward, centering himself inside for the battle.

EagleRock and Phantom watched from the overhead display in anticipation as well. Neither spoke as the seconds passed by. Wade seemed to have the whole Barracks in limbo, waiting as time suspended in the quietness of the air. Finally, the suspense was broken by pwroftheseagoat.

“Hey, EagleRock,” he said. “How sure are you about this plan?”

“Honestly? Not too sure.”

“Not too sure? How can you say that? This is our lives at stake, here!”

“I’ve said it before, this is a hard map for counter-terrorists. Success is never a guarantee for CT’s, especially when the terrorists are good at covering the warehouse. But I can assure you it’s the best plan I have.”

“Well,” said pwroftheseagoat, “let’s hope it’s good enough.”


Supreme Commander pwroftheseagoat was another one of those cookie cutter soldiers that EagleRock’s barrack seemed to have. Standard issue, but always exceptional. His power came from his extreme devotion to his fellow soldiers, and he believed strongly in strength-in-numbers. Several campaigns of his were successful due to his philosophy, and it landed him the rank of EGSC. However, he had a weakness, just like EagleRock: he couldn’t stand to see people die. When his teammates fall, a switch goes off that makes him cringe and suffer. He knew what EagleRock was going through in his head. He just hoped that it wasn’t affecting his ability to make decisions and lead the Barracks.


Finally, Wade broke the tension and called for commencement. Immediately, EagleRock’s plan went into action like a well-oiled machine. MetalDart was pep talking both DarkSoldier and Peregrinus, who he named as the leads of Alpha and Bravo squads, respectively. As he climbed the side of the building that would give him the vantage point of the area, the squads went to their assigned places.

DarkSoldier was going fast to the main entrance of the warehouse, which was blocked from their view by two huge crates. As they rounded the bend, they were able to peer inside the warehouse and see the floor all the way to the back area. They stayed back from the entrance as much as possible, as they knew their enemy was lurking inside, waiting for a target to kill.

Peregrinus was running too, with PenguinLink and harryjarry in close pursuit. They had to run harder to the entranceway, as they had a nice little staircase to climb. The staircase was very open, and made the three susceptible to fire from the door that opened below. They would have to count on MetalDart to watch below them. Anticipation built up, and sweating came naturally to all.

MetalDart steadied his hand as he held his Scout up, quickly scanning the area for any signs of perpetrators. Sure enough, the terrorists weren’t quick to leave their veritable fortress of power. The air duct and the back entrance below Bravo squad showed no signs of life. It seemed as if they would have precious few seconds of time to set up their plans to engage the moderators.

That was when it all happened, as if at once. Before DarkSoldier could radio in that they were in position, Evark appeared from above and revealed himself by the garage entrance. He started to spray bullets from his Para at the soldiers, upsetting their formation. Behind Evark came Dobio with a Steyr Scout, ready to pick them off.

Just above the warehouse entrance, Luis popped out of the air duct, also with a sniper rifle. MetalDart immediately took aim and headshotted him before he could raise his weapon. However, the damage was done. As Luis popped out of the area and distracted MetalDart, jonthompson managed to pop out of the lower door and throw a flashbang into the air, blinding all three members of Bravo squad.

“SHIT!” said Peregrinus. “Open fire! Now! We need to take cover!” But it was too late. The AK47 of jonthompson already poised itself and aimed at harryjarry. Three solid shots into his chest did him in quickly.

MetalDart barely had time to reload before he was able to find jonthompson. He was able to train his sniper on him quickly and squeeze off a shot. He was able to hit him, but only in the upper leg. It wasn’t hard for jonthompson to shrug it off, as he squeezed several shots from his AK at MetalDart, causing him to have to break his stance and run to the back side of the building where jon couldn’t hit him.

“Get down there, Bravo! Take him down! Abort the upper door and take out that shooter!”

Meanwhile, Alpha squad was having problems of its own. Evark and Dobio were doing a good job at scrambling them, causing them to have to take cover behind a large metal cargo container. Dobio was going to make things hard, as his trained sniper eye already hit DaRk and SilentSoldier. Luckily, the Scout didn’t have enough power to take them out.

“Metal! We’re tied up back here! They were too ready for us!” DarkSoldier frantically relayed the message.

“I’m under fire here too! They got the drop on the rest of us! Just sit tight out there and hold them from advancing. We need to secure the outside before we can move.” MetalDart then zoomed in his sniper and prepared himself to attack jon again. As he leaped forward ready to squeeze off a shot, jonthompson was gone.

Bravo team was still there, regrouping as fast as they could. Peregrinus radioed into Metal as fast as he could.

“Metal! Watch out, jon is rounding the building for you!” He then jumped up as fast as he could and unsheathed his Desert Eagle. Surely enough, by the time he reached the ladder, he saw jon coming up the ladder, Glock in-hand. Luckily, though, height was at MetalDart’s advantage, as he was able to headshot jonthompson with decisive ease.

“Got ‘em!” said MetalDart to Peregrinus. “Now, regroup!” He turned around to grab his Scout and set back up in sniper position. However, all he turned around for was to get a glimpse of UberBarista’s head popped out of the air duct, gun in hand.

Below, DarkSoldier and Alpha squad were taking considerable fire from Evark, Dobio, and now Canas who joined the fight.

“Silent,” said DarkSoldier, “I need to you give suppressing fire. TheThing, go around the side of the container and snipe them from the flank. I’ll toss a flashbang, and you guys go once it sets off.” With that, SilentSoldier started spraying Para fire at the warehouse door as DarkSoldier grabbed a flashbang, pulled the pin, and threw. Just before it detonated, Silent pulled back behind the container as light sprayed through out the area. Then, they all jumped out and started shooting.


Meanwhile, Peregrinus and PenguinLink were not going to storm the doors, as they would be too guarded. Instead, they decided to take the air duct into the warehouse. They started to climb up the ladder nearby when they heard the spray of a Galil above.

“Shit! Metal, are you alright?” said Peregrinus, as they rushed up to the roof to see. MetalDart was hit, but not killed. UberBarista’s Galil wasn’t nearly as accurate enough to hit Metal at the range he was out. This allowed him to squeeze off a shot with his Scout, which hit him him the chest. This threw him back against the wall, but didn’t kill him, thanks to his Kevlar.

As Peregrinus ran up the slope of the roof, he saw UberBarista and shot at him with his Colt at full running pace. UberBarista ducked his head and ran back into the duct as fast as he could.

Peregrinus and PenguinLink gave chase. MetalDart radioed “Go, go, go!” to them, as the approached the duct. The duct descended about 4 feet into the roof, then headed towards the back of the warehouse. Peregrinus, in haste, jumped down into the duct, crouched, and took up his Colt, ready to fire.

This gave him just enough time to see a grenade fly towards him down the duct and stop near his feet.

End of Chapter 11


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 12 – Backfire
Originally posted on August 8th, 2007

Sarai’s grenade was skillfully thrown through the air duct as it landed under Peregrinus. He barely had time to yell “shit” before he was blown away. The force of the blast threw PenguinLink back, who was nearby on the roof. MetalDart, heard the blast as he was climbing down from his sniper post to give assistance.

“DAMMIT! FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” said MetalDart to PenguinLink, as the moderators continued to hold back the Elite Guards from entering the building.

Down below, Alpha squad started shooting at the moderators all at once after setting off a flashbang. SilentSoldier started with a good suppressing fire with his Para, spraying bullets left and right. None of them were hitting anyone, save one to Canas’ leg, but he caused them to scramble quick enough for DaRk to gun down Evark. Dobio and Canas jumped up on the ledge to the left and ran out of sight of the Alpha squad.

DarkSoldier said, “Success! Bravo, Bravo, are you in position?”

PenguinLink responded, “I’m the only one left! They’ve got us covered at all bases!”

MetalDart called out commands as he was running to PenguinLink’s aid. “Alpha squad, you need to take out the mods in the air duct! Get some rifles and pummel the duct and anyone near it!”

“You heard him,” said DarkSoldier. “Move out!” The four started to run towards the bay door, runs ready. Suddenly, another flashbang went off and blinded them all. Gunshots sounded throughout the warehouse as the terrorists struck back. The Elite Guards retaliated with their guns, shooting blindly. Just as his eyesight came back, DarkSoldier saw Canas, Dobio, Sarai, and Ramagi all crouched and ready. As he backed up behind the warehouse wall, he tossed a grenade towards the four. They backed up from the lobbed grenade, but managed to shoot down SilentSoldier in the process.

That was when TheThing saw his chance. Up near the top of the warehouse, he saw UberBarista guarding the entrance of the air duct. He quickly took up his autosniper and squeezed off two rounds. The first one missed, but the second got UberBarista in the head, downing him. Ramagi saw this and took advantage, killing TheThing with her SG-552.

“GET OUT!” yelled DarkSoldier to DaRk, who quickly complied. They were both pinned outside the warehouse again, each of them up against the two sides of the open garage door. “UberBarista is down, sir! Go!”

“Roger,” said MetalDart, who was now with PenguinLink on the roof. He then grabbed a grenade and tossed it inside the air duct. Once it detonated, he jumped in and saw that the grenade killed Sarai. PenguinLink jumped in behind him as they crouched through the air duct. MetalDart, Desert Eagle in hand. He noticed that the air duct had a splitoff to the side, which went directly above the entrance to the foreman’s office. In there the hostages were being kept.

“Okay,” he said in a whisper to the radio, “we’re heading to the hostage room. When I give the word, give a distraction so we can drop down and get them from behind.”

“Roger,” said DarkSoldier. “DaRk still has a flashbang, which should do the trick.” MetalDart then proceeded to step up to the side air duct, when all of a sudden, bullets were being shot at the air duct.

“SHIT! They can get through the metal! Split up! Split up!” But it was too late, as Ramagi’s Sig 552 Commando hit PenguinLink one too many times. “MOVE IN! MOVE IN!” he yelled to the remants of the Alpha squad, as he shot his Deagle down at his feet, blindly hoping he would hit Ramagi.

DarkSoldier then ran in, spraying his reloaded Para across the warehouse floor. Ramagi was there. She immediately re-aimed her rifle and shot at DarkSoldier, driving him back behind the warehouse again.

MetalDart had enough time to reload and shuffle down the side airshaft. Below him the air duct ended in a grate, which ended above the doors to the hostage room. He could see the doors from above, but couldn’t see anyone guarding the door. Luckily, due to the way the airshaft was built, he had a good amount of metal blocking him, hopefully fending off Ramagi’s rogue rifle rounds.

“This is not good,” said DaRk aloud. “They killed most of us already, and have us completely pinned outside! What do we do?”

“I don’t know,” said DarkSoldier, as he was out of ideas himself. “I wish Phantom or EagleRock were here, because they’d know what to do.”

EagleRock and Phantom were watching the match from the computer room. EagleRock watched the match in desperation as he saw his soldiers fall, one by one. It was eating away at him that he couldn’t help them fight, or even talk to them to give them advice.

“What can they do, Eagle?” inquired Phantom, as he watched himself. While he was not well versed in Counter-Strike, his experience in the Elite Guard gave him great tactical prowess. However, it was failing him, as there was little he could think of for them to do.

“I have no fucking clue,” said EagleRock aloud, loud enough for nearby Barracks members to hear. “They’re too pinned down to do anything, and the mods’ have an impossible advantage. This situation would be hard enough even if the mods were outnumbered.”

“You mean to tell me there’s no hope?” said Sentio. “How can that be?”

“Oh, there’s hope,” said EagleRock, “but it’d require a leap of faith and an act of God. If they’re going to turn the tables, MetalDart needs to get into that hostage room. They’re all out on the warehouse floor right now, which means the room is empty. If he can get in there, he can turn the match over.”

“But how?” said Sentio. “He’d still have to get the hostages out of the room and get them out of the warehouse.”

“True. However, think of the ramifications of him doing it. We’re outnumbered, they have the positional advantage. If he could squeeze into that room and garrison himself inside, that would be a big blow to them psychologically. Think how you’d feel if the impossible seemed to happen against you, especially against these odds.”

Sentio thought. “Very true. But how can he do it?”

“Like I said, a leap of faith. He’d have to jump down from that air duct and take the 10 foot fall, then run in there without getting shot.”

“Christ,” said Sentio. “You weren’t kidding when you said the odds were against us.”

“I know. I trust my soldiers, but this is one battle that even the best of the best would sweat bullets on.”

SlashFirestorm thought about those words carefully.


Slash, in his prime, was the most intense, most efficient, and most deadly Elite Guard. His daily patrols did more against the evils of Newgrounds than some Elite Guards could do in a week. As such, his skills on the battlefield were strong, and his speed unparalleled. However, running the scenario through his mind did little to help the situation. No matter how the numbers added up, we were screwed. He knew it was only a matter of time, and that it would require a miracle to get us out alive.


In the map, DarkSoldier was still pinned against the left wall of the warehouse as he breathed heavily. He was gripping his Para so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. He knew that MetalDart needed help, and would die if he didn’t do anything. As he quickly racked his brain, one idea came to him.


He radioed in his last words. “When you hear my gun, go for the door.”

“What are you doing, DarkSoldier?”

“I’m going in. We’re dead if we don’t move.”

“You’re dead if you run in there!”

“We’re all dead if I don’t. Don’t waste the opportunity on me. I didn’t train all this time in the Elite Guard to have my life go to waste.”

“Christ, Dark, you can’t really be serious!!!”

“I am. DaRk, toss your last flashbang in, then I’ll run in there and cause the distraction.”

“Roger,” said DaRk. He pulled out the flashbang and tossed it into the middle of the warehouse. Once the flash went off, DarkSoldier ran in, spraying his Para.

MetalDart closed his eyes, as he prepared himself for the jump. Just then, Dobio started shooting at him from the other side of the duct. MetalDart was forced to jump.

Time seemed to stop as he crashed through the grate towards the concrete landing 10 feet below.

End of Chapter 12


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 13 – A Leap of Faith
Originally posted on August 22nd, 2007

MetalDart crashed through the grate and landed onto the concrete floor about 10 feet below the air duct. As he touched down, he landed very hard on his legs. They buckled on him and he fell to the ground, dropping his Desert Eagle and his Scout. He didn’t feel pain, but he knew that his body took a severe beating and he was reaching death.

Below him, DarkSoldier was still running into the warehouse, spraying his Para left and right. He kept running towards the back where he last saw Ramagi, hoping to find her behind the crates. As he crossed the length of the warehouse, he managed to not get hit and to reach the crates. As he released the trigger and ducked behind the crate, no one was there.

DaRk also started running in, trying to cover DarkSoldier’s sacrificial run. As he ran in, Colt M4A1 in hand, he saw Dobio up on the ledge with a Scout aimed at DarkSoldier. DaRk shot at him with his Colt, and managed to draw attention away temporarily. He also drew the attention of Canas, who was crouched behind him in the shadows, behind a crate. One blast from his pump shotgun did DaRk in.

DarkSoldier knew that his distraction was gone and that Dobio would be aiming for him again. Before he could do so, he had trained his Para on Dobio’s head. He was lucky that the Para, when shot in short bursts, was very accurate. As Dobio started to sight-up Dark, he pulled the Para’s trigger.

It was empty.

MetalDart stirred after his fall and heard the quiet shot of the Steyr Scout crack through bone and skull. He knew that a soldier was down. He was dazed, so he didn’t know how many soldiers he had left with him. He saw his Desert Eagle on the ground in front of him, and managed to grab it before Dobio turned his sniper rifle in his direction. Canas was also shooting at him from afar, using his dual Beretta Elites.

MetalDart, with all the energy he had, stumbled up from the ground and lunged towards the doors of the hostage room. He grabbed the handle, which made the door give in. He quickly scrambled into the room, spun around, and then slammed the door behind him.

He gave a temporary sigh of relief as he turned around to look at the hostages.

That gave him the split second he needed to see down the barrel of Ramagi’s Desert Eagle as she shot him in the head.

As his body fell to the ground, Wade called the match. “The Counter-Terrorists have been defeated. Terrorists Win!”

The rest of the Barracks, in the computer room, were silent. EagleRock stood up, as if he was going to talk, but sat down again speechless.

“I don’t believe how bad that went,” said Slash. “I thought we’d have it that time.”

“The plan was excellent,” said Phantom. “I know that we had the environment against us, but I didn’t expect us to get plastered that much.”

“Excellent? It got all of them killed!” shouted Sentio.

“Yes, it was,” replied Phantom, with a bit of anger in his tone. “Look, don’t go blaming EagleRock about this one. I know it was the best chance we had at basically a suicide mission.”

“Thank you,” said EagleRock. “At least we took out 5 of the fuckers with us.” Everyone kinda stood there, thinking about what he said. “Now look people, be pissed at me if you want. Just take out that anger on the battlefield. Please.”

“I’m not gonna play around with motivational words,” said Phantom, “but we need to take it to them. We have no way of getting out of this except for maybe getting at that door in dust. The only way we’ll get them in the meantime is through their own game. So I don’t care what you all think…I’m getting those assholes, whether I die or not.”

“I’m going to lie down,” said Slash. “If we have to take it to them, we need our rest.”

“You could go jerk off in a sink for all I care,” said Phantom. “Just realize that if we’re gonna have any fucking chance, it has to be together.”


Phantom was a great leader in the Elite Guard. However, his form of leadership was very different. He didn’t lead via charisma, like EagleRock or Sentio, but rather through his skills. Coming from mafia roots, his old skills of coercion, intimidation, and inducing submission in others were prevalent in his leadership tactics. That didn’t chance his motives, however, as he was devoted to protecting the Portal and doing good. Barracks soldiers respected him because he was one of the best and definitely one of the most experienced, but were subject to his sarcastic style and anger-prone actions.


Many rested that day, as they knew they’d need strength. By now, half of those held hostage in the quarantine were dead, leaving them with thirteen to fight. It was unknown how many moderators they would have to fight. However, it seemed as if it was a fight to the death, with death being the only way out.

As they congregated that evening, EagleRock did a bit to raise people’s spirits.

“Before we discuss plans,” said EagleRock, “we need to take some business into consideration. We’ve had some hard fighters out there, most of them gone. I need to give two posthumous promotions today. The first is to PenguinLink, who fought valiantly and showed us what being in this Barracks is about. He is hereby promoted to General for his actions.

“Lastly, to MetalDart, for fighting too hard to support his fellow soldiers and giving those bastards a true run for their money, I promote him to Commander.”

“Here, here,” said Corporal RSQViper. “I’m proud to be in the same Barrack as they were.” The soldiers then discussed plans for the next day, mostly in vague terms. EagleRock decided he was fighting next match, no matter what. Phantom decided he would do the same if it wasn’t a one-on-one match. The Barracks went over techniques and strategy for another hour before they all retired, waiting for the next day’s battle.

The next day, they all awoke in the same dreary manner, waking up to the same living quarter, heading to the same shower, and eating in the same mess hall. As they all congregated in the control room, they waited for word on the next battle. EagleRock, knowing he’d be in battle soon enough, waited with breathless pause for Wade’s announcement.

“Hey hey! Iiiiiit’s WADE!”

EagleRock whispered to Phantom, “Is this jerk getting more pompous as the days go on?”

“It’s time again for the best show in the universe, Newgrounds’ famous, amazing, and awesome battle between YOUR Newgrounds moderators and YOUR Elite Guard!”

Phantom responded, “By the minute.”

“Today we decided to give you a small, intimate battle between the two forces. Today, in the famous cs_italy, we are going to have a 3-on-3 match!”

“Perfect,” said EagleRock. “Advantageous to us at those numbers. Phantom and I are going in…right Phantom?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Good. Who wants to join us?”

Everyone looked around at each other for a few seconds. Finally, RSQViper raised his hand and said, “Me, sir. Our last fight didn’t go so well together, so I want to take it to those fuckers this time.”

“Good hustle, soldier. Talk like that will make you a Sergeant in no time. Now suit up, guys.” EagleRock, Phantom, and RSQViper grabbed their guns and lined up to the teleportation pods. As they were zipped away to cs_italy, SlashFirestorm, Sentio, and the rest of the Barracks headed over to the computer station, overlooking the trio.

“Let see how this one goes,” said Sentio.

“Well, EagleRock and Phantom are willing to put their asses on the lines, so I can’t say I don’t trust their judgment,” said Coop83.

“Yeah,” said Slash, “but that judgment might just be what gets them killed.”

Down at the map, EagleRock gave a few last instructions. “Okay, just as we went over it. The hostages are held in a building on the other side of the map. There are three main routes to the house: the long route to the left, the quicker route to the right, or through the building in the center. We’re taking it slow through the center route, as we’ll have the best chance that way. The only hard part will be once we approach the building, as we are in the open. We’ll need your sniping, Viper.”

“Got it,” acknowledged RSQViper.

Just then, Wade shouted, “Commence!” It was on.

End of Chapter 13


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Re: The Barracks Under Fire Story

The Barracks Under Fire

by EagleRock

Chapter 14 – Opera Time
Originally posted on August 23rd, 2007

Most Counter-Strike Players knew cs_italy for its quick gameplay and challenging layout. The map was basically, for all tends and purposes, two points joined by three main routes. The two points were the CT and T spawnsites, and the three routes took you throughout the small Italian town. The beauty of the Italian architecture was often marred by blood and bodies, especially in the marketplace, which was the open area that the righthand route took you to, followed by a long corridor that gave you sniper-shots of the hostage building.

EagleRock knew better than to take that route, especially against the mods. With only two allies, it’d be easy for the mods to ambush them by coming out and surprising them from several sides. The safer route was the middle one, which was through an Italian flat that wound around, taking you to a bridge that spit you out to a long-range view of the hostage building. The bridge and the open area would be trouble, but it was a route less traveled in CS, which might give them an advantage.

As the three Elite Guards worked their way into the open window of the Italian flat, they kept guard behind them, watching for moderators that’d be coming from the nearby marketplace. As they climbed the stack of logs up to the window, they quietly crept away from the window and into the building.

“No sign of them yet,” whispered EagleRock. “Careful, though. Up ahead we’ll probably meet up with them, or they might come along behind us.” They continued along until they came to the hallway where the CTs and Ts usually met up. EagleRock halted them and tossed a flashbang to deter any oncoming mods. As it flashed, they rushed in to find no one. So far, it was a battle of sneaking, which made Phantom happy.

Once they reached the foyer of the house, RSQViper took point and prepared his AWP. He then ducked out to look across the bridge to see if any moderators were waiting. With AWP in hand, he strafed out to the doorway and peered down his scope to find no one again.

“Quiet,” said Phantom. “I like it so far.”

“Careful, though,” said EagleRock. “We can take a lot of crossfire from across the bridge, so we have to rush across to make sure we don’t get downed by surprise.” And so they dashed out from the doorway, across the bridge. They saw the pathways below that led to several areas across the map, only to find them empty. Once they were across, they crept farther up the street up to where it turned right and opened up to the big area outside the hostage building.

“It’s too quiet,” said EagleRock. “We’d have run into someone by now if they didn’t know we were here. Someone’s has to be waiting in the building behind us.”

“What do we do?” said Phantom.

“Continue on. But Phantom, you need to watch our six, as they’ll be coming up behind us. Luckily there is only 3 of them, so an ambush won’t hurt us too much.”


That’s when RSQViper ducked out to get a view of the hostage building and saw two moderators staring down the pathway. Newgrundling was there with an AK47, as well as Rucklo, with an AWP. Immediately, they both started firing, Newgrundling providing suppressing fire while Rucklo aimed for Viper.

Viper ducked back as the bullets flew towards him. “SHIT!” he cried as EagleRock spun around and grabbed a flashbang.

“Eat this, fuckers,” he muttered as he tossed it into the air, where it bounced off of a wall and detonated in the middle of the large area.

EagleRock jumped out and crouched down as he zoomed in his 1.5x scope on his AWP and took to shooting Rucklo. RSQViper ducked out and took a shot at Newgrundling, who he hit in the shoulder, stunning him. Rucklo, in the meantime, took a clumsy shot at EagleRock with his AWP, which missed by a considerable distance. EagleRock kept pummeling at Rucklo until RSQViper managed to squeeze a bullet from his AWP that struck him in the head, downing him.

“GO!” yelled EagleRock, as he proceeded to make a mad dash for the house. Newgrundling jumped down from the house’s balcony and ran down the long hallway that led back to the marketplace. RSQViper trailed behind Eagle as Phantom brought up the rear, keeping watch for ambushers from behind. After a few more seconds, they had taken over the hostage building.

“Excellent!” We took the house!” cried Phantom. “This looks to be good!”

“It’s certainly good for now,” said EagleRock, “but we need to get the hostages rescued. We can’t just camp here, or else we’ll lose.”

“True,” said RSQViper. “Shame, though. This is a great sniping point.”

“It is,” replied Eagle. “We should stay here for a few more seconds and see if they come up, as we might be able to take down more of them.”

“That’s all well and good,” said Phantom, “but we won’t hear them coming with this fucking music playing.” He was referring to an old radio on the second floor of the building booming some obnoxious opera music.

“Oh,” said EagleRock. He took one look at it, pointed his Desert Eagle at it, and shot the radio, silencing it. “That was a common thing to do in the game,” he said.

“Satisfying!” said Phantom. “Now let’s take watch.” RSQViper took watch at the corridor that led to the marketplace, while Eagle took to the other window that looked out over the open area they came from. Phantom, down below, gathered up the hostages near the front door, preparing for their departure.

Sure enough, RSQViper got a glimpse of a terrorist down at the other end of the long corridor. But before he could get a trained eye on him, another one took several shots with an AK47, hitting him twice in the chest.

“FUCK!” yelled Eagle, as Viper fell down, defeated. “Phantom! Take the hostages down the long way! The stairs to the right will lead to a wine cellar that will take you to the rescue point.”

“Why the long way??” yelled Phantom.

“Because they won’t expect you. I’ll distract them and get them to take me on, as you take the hostages to safety.”



Phantom immediately rushed out of the front door, which put him in the line of fire of both moderators. Newgrundling and BRS were down there, both sporting AK47’s. Phantom took several quick shots with his TMP down the causeway as he rushed across, hostages in tow. One hostage was hit and taken down, but Phantom and the other three hostages got across unharmed.

EagleRock grabbed RSQViper’s AWP and took aim at BRS, who was crouched on the left side of the causeway. EagleRock grazed BRS’s arm, but didn’t down him. Newgrundling hit EagleRock in the head, seriously dazing him. Thanks to his Kevlar helmet, he didn’t die, but he fell back from the power of the shot and dropped to the ground.

Phantom rushed down the stairs and down the center hallway that lead to the wine cellar. Phantom rushed in the door with the three hostages behind him. The quietness of the place was eerie and there were many places for a person to hide. Phantom knew he had to take it slow, as he didn’t know if both terrorists were still with Eagle.

Eagle, recovering from the dazing shot, grabbed his AUG and prepared to jump down. He knew that he wouldn’t win a match against two trained AK47 shooters, even with the powerful AWP. He had to go for a mad dash down the corridor, where he’d bank on the AK’s high recoil rate to miss him as he ran. It wouldn’t be easy, and he’d probably die, but he knew it’d give Phantom enough time to finish the rescue, as long as he was making good time back towards the rescue point. After a deep breath, he slid his feet around and dropped to the ground. As he positioned his gun at the ready, he saw that both BRS and Newgrundling were gone. He knew they were headed towards Phantom, and started down the corridor as fast as he could to give chase. He wasn’t sure if they’d be there, but he had no time to worry.

Meanwhile, Phantom reached the other end of the wine cellar and came to an open area. Phantom wasn’t sure where he was, but he saw the bridge from the Italian flat to his left. As he stepped out, he saw the street ahead that would lead him and the hostages to safety. That was the last thing he saw before the flashbang blinded him.

End of Chapter 14

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