Post Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:45 pm

About the Lounge

The Barracks Lounge is where all general topics can go. They can be on-topic to Newgrounds or the Barracks, off-topic, it doesn't matter, just have fun! Just be sure to exercise some basic rules:

  • Be respectful to others. You can joke around, of course, but make sure any insults or whatever are all in good fun.
  • Cursing or whatever is okay, but keep things relatively civil.
  • One-liner posts are okay in these forums, but make sure the relative intelligence level of the forums are preserved. :D
  • You ARE allowed to post about your stat accomplishments here. Since it is banned on the main thread, feel free to do it here.
  • No spamming whatsoever. Joking around is one thing, acting like an ass is not.
  • Have fun! Remember, these forums are here for you to enjoy. Make sure you do so. :)