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Barracks Officer List

This is the official list of officers for the Elite Guard Barracks.

Last update - July 6th, 2010 (reflects the Officer Assessments)

Executive Officers

Chief Barracks Officer - EGSC EagleRock
Lieutenant Chief Barracks Officer - Lt. General RohantheBarbarian
Second Lieutenant Chief Barracks Officer - EGSC Coop83
Emergency Operations Officer - Inactive role

Peacetime Officers

Recruitment Officer - EGSC ByteSlinger
Advancement Officer - Inactive role

Records Officer - Major Lizzardis
Lieutenant Records Officer - Praporshchik Ismael92

Portal Violations Officer - Staff Sgt. phantomlassuk
Lt. Portal Violations Officer - Sgt. Major SlntCobra1
Reviews Violations Officer - Inactive role

Wartime Officers
(For times of heavy malicious activity)

Portal Operations Officer - Inactive due to peacetime
Intelligence Operations Officer - Inactive due to peacetime
Reconnaissance Operations Officer - Inactive due to peacetime

Barracks Laisons

Barracks NGPD Liaison - Major Lizzardis
Barracks NGDD Liaison - Inactive (The NG Department of Defense is currently inactive)
Barracks NG Mafia Laison - Inactive